Art hunt question: qcb, qcf, dp, etc

anyone know where i can find any images of the directional inputs? you know, the ones that show you how to move the joystick in a qcb motion…the ones you find at the arcade’s instructional card…? i dont know how else to describe them haha.

i got the punch and kick buttons, just need the directions please. thanks guys.


Nope, don’t know what you’re talking about.

i could use those too, but it’s these i’m looking for

stick temp done by ChaosUK

maybe try checking the Image mishmash HERE

whoa. didn’t even know that existed! i’ll look through. thanks Domz

Under Installed Command List 1 & 2. Good thing the icons are vectors.

EDIT: ^beat me to it. Oh well

I tried google and couldn’t find anything, so I scanned it from the manual. It’s going to need some touching up though. If you don’t have photoshop (and even if you do), I recommend using paint.NET. Very nice, light, editing tool. And you can’t beat the price (free).


perfect! thanks guys