Art i did for a site


Here’s a banner i did for
Thoughts? Also if you could visit the site and tell me what you think, that would be awesome too.

I think it might be too comic book ish.


cool. his hair reminds me of Gill from sf3


Nice anatomy on the guy. Well first of all the banner is stretched which might be their fault. The type and bg is too obnoxious, the guy is totally lost in there. Figure out if you want to focus on the ink splatter or the ripples. I’m guessing you want to focus on the guy flexing(strength) and the button labels on his skin (gaming). It’s bad to put an outline on a font unless you really need it and here you put in TWO outlines. Usually outlines are used in comics when it’s black and white or something and you have white on white/black on black so you need the outline to separate. If you’re going full color, there shouldn’t be a reason to use outlines.