Art Ideas


Whats going on everyone 1st time blogger long time fan. I’ve been building this joystick on and off for about 2 mos. . I have this sweet case DIY arcade Foe Hammer . Everything is done put the art and the paint. That’s the problem I’ve no idea what directions I want to take the art. So I’m taking all ideas I’m looking for something original. When the project is done I’ll post it.


giant anime lesbians having sex in a city and destroying everything


If you want something original, then try and avoid these ideas:

  1. Aimlessly putting your UMVC3/SFIV characters all over your arcade stick
  2. Your XBL/PSN gamertag on the stick
  3. Putting your anime dream girl on the stick

Try for creating something abstract from something that you like, easier said than done though.

You probably are aware of the people on this site that do art commissions, but you can always turn to them to support the community


Two words: Boobies



Two words? I’m confused.