Art mod on my TE-S fight stick


I recently learned about Lami Label @ Fedex Office aka Kinkos and wanted to know if anyones used this under plexiglass on their TE or TE-S sticks??? I seen a lot of people with SE sticks use this for their art mod, but I want to see if anyone’s done it on a TE edition stick. Or did you use another method to print your art?



Lami Label is mostly used for stick that don’t or can’t have a plexy layer.


due to the price I was thinking about using it on mine… So what paper, etc do you recommend printing it on? I have access to print shops, I just need to figure out what material works best.


32 lb paper, no page scaling.


Is there any variations of 32lb paper?? Like matte, glossy, etc?? thx


I like Matte finishes as the plexy is going to add some gloss, and I don’t like gloss on gloss surfaces.