Art of Fighting Anthology for the Nintendo Wii

*"After SNK Playmore USA’s president Ben Herman sat down with IGN, several little tidbits of information were revealed that seemed to hint towards new Wii projects similar in scope to Metal Slug Anthology. Art of Fighting Anthology has been announced for US release as a Playstation 2 project for a few months now, but fighting game fans on other platforms can be satisfied in knowing that it will also be finding home on the Nintendo Wii.

The ESRB’s ratings website has recently updated their entry for the Art of Fighting Anthology (due for release in the US on the Playstation 2 in June), and it now includes the Nintendo Wii under available platforms.

No further information has been provided at this time.

For those unfamiliar with the way the ESRB handles its reviews, for a game to be rated, a full version of the title must be submitted to the ESRB. It is a great source to find information on upcoming releases and previously unannounced projects (such as this one). I’ll keep you updated if we hear word on a tentative release date."*

Despite announcing intent to milk the virtual console, it seems that SNK USA has an eye towards some of the PS2 anthology collections for the Nintendo Wii. It seems that may be possibly double cutting themselves by taking that route, but we’ll see if Fatal Fury or King of Fighter’s Anthologies are announced also for US release on the Wii.

Fortunately, if their latest interview on IGN was to be believed, the Classic Controller support will be there for all future SNK Collections and releases. Thank god.

Good now all left is to wait for the WH collection!

And you’ll get those World Heroes EVO Vids!!! :lovin:

I always kind of find myself wishing AoF3 had used AoF2’s cast. 3 had some awesome animation, but most of the characters…Meh. I’ll follow Eiji. That applies to whatever console(s) KOFXII is released on, too. You know, provided they don’t bury him for 10 years again.

Art of Fighting
Fatal Fury
World Heroes

All need to be in one single compilation. Personally I think all three series are trash(remember this is IMO so don’t get mad at me). But if all three were put together I’d have more incentive to buy it.

It’s also apparently being released for PSP by the same token.

LOL that you remember! And thx for doing it!

And yes thats is your opiion but WH is far of being a sucky game, watch these high level vids from WHP to entice you a bit:

I can understand saying AOF is trash. Even WH, although World Heroes Perfect is a good game…since it always had the stigma of being a “ripoff”.

However to say that Fatal Fury is “trash” is incredibly ignorant. If you can play Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout 2, and Mark of the Wolves and still tell me the series is trash then I can say your taste sucks ass.

Shiki youre right. IMO I sometimes feel that FFS is the ST of SKN games. You can do broken shit but at the same time is balanced and fun enough.

why would anyone want to pay to play AOF in this day and age

Why not KoF Anthology or Fatal Fury

if youre gay

IMHO AoF is underrated, I enjoy playing 2 and 3 casually

AOF is the evolution of Eternal Champions…think about it…

This is a good sign, now if only we can get a FF anothology set(wih Garou and FFS) and the KOF set with both 98 and XI…ill be happy for the rest of my life.

That’s cool news for the Wii, but I couldn’t care less about AoF.

FF Battle Archives 2, please.

Samurai Shodown Collection, please.

Wii UM= I buy the Wii.

I take anything SNK gives me…more to promote!!! :lovin:

It’s still IMO, but whenever I see WHP all I can think about is how much I want to play ST. But my opinion isn’t very valid since I only played the game a couple times at a friends house in Japan.

  1. I love MOTW

  2. I don’t like any of the other FF games, I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I just don’t like them