Art of Fighting


I felt the need to check out the first game again. It definitely shows it’s age, but I ended up really liking it. The biggest problem are the stiff controls, and the C button is only useful for grabbing. It’s still fun though, and I like the system. The story is just like a classic Chop Socky film, and it builds up nicely to the boss fight. It’s the first fighter to have a spirit bar, supers, charging for supers, and Taunts have a real purpose. To my recollection, no other fighter aside from 3rd Strike has a real purpose for taunts other then for the lolz.

2nd game has hard as balls A.I. and it doesn’t have a scene with it. The 3rd game just had weird controls. It has auto-combos, but their entirely different from the kind in Fatal Fury or Marvel.

A 4th game would work if it kept the current system but modernized the controls found in traditional fighters.


Game sucks, that’s why there is a thread for this game that is already dead.


Yeah, pretty much.


Like SVC, It’s only playable against the computer, pretending it’s a strange side-scroller.


i play AOF 1 sometimes… i usually use Todo. He just has one move and that’s it. But, yeah the game sucks, the controls are horrible
AOF 2 is just better but i dont play it really often
AOF 3 has great animations,graphics and the combo system is good. I like it


The more Frankfurt posts about shit he knows nothing about, the more I feel compelled to think he is an elaborate troll in disguise. Honestly, I could link plenty of match vids showing the game is actually decent and people’s troubles with it are way oversimplified and unfounded but he’s not even worth the effort.

Yeah AOF is garbage. SNK probably realized that too when they started putting Ryo and the others in various games. Gotta admit the huge ass sprites was a draw point though.


I’d argue it’s only playable in multiplayer because of goddamn mind reading AI >_>


agree… the AI is fucking hard…