Art on SCV stick

Hey guys,
This is really, really petty, but I need help.

Okay, so I have a Madcatz SoulCalibur V TE stick and I’m ready to mod it. However, I’m having a hard time finding some Persona 4 art for it that matches the side panels (left side is blue, right side is red). To be even more specific, I’d like some art with Yukiko (My main in P4A and my favorite charcter in the series) on it. Otherwise, Teddie or Mitsuru works fine as well. Thanks to anyone who finds (Or makes) something for me.

It needs to be AT LEAST 1024x768 because I’ll be sending it off to

Well you do know you can’t mod your stick with this brand new panel, then replace the art at your leisure and that its permanent when you take your glue stick and glob at it while you fill your screw holes with hot glue, to prevent rusting, pro tips from MadCatz blog.

As a community of Anime Japan RPG Schoolgirl Fighting Gamers. I’m sure you’ll find SRK’s General section is the right forum for you to get this totally free help. No charge. Just pass it on if you can.

Nobody has stepped forward so far, but I’m going to try my dude. I’m about the community.

My bad on the dimensions. They might not be the exact template, just a rough outline, so you can use the pink circle in the one without the holes setup and move those around as you need them for Tek’s exact measurement panels.

Lol, that’s quite funny, but I’m looking for something you know, a bit more, serious, for lack of a better word.