Art printing question

hey everyone.

i went to kinkos to print my art, unfortunately it was too big and a good portion of the image was cutoff.

the problom i think is my DPI is incorrect. it is 150dpi

my art is on a template for a hori ex2, any suggestions on fixing it?

The DPI will not effect it.

my problem was i used the sony print station. dont use it, it forces your image to fit the paper size.

Yeah it needs to be the exact size of the template.

You can’t resize it and you can NOT have it print to fit.

It has to be actual size.

Go to Kinkos or another printing place.

yes i went to kinkos and used the sony kiosk.

cost 5$ and it was WRONG

go to staples, thats where I print all my art. Im usually in and out within 10 minutes.

Just make sure to tell em that you need the image printed to the exact dimensions… dont scale it to fit the size paper you need it printed on. Ive printed all my artwork 11x17 high quality glossy card stock.

edit and it costs me less then 5$ :wink: