Art Request: Chun Li vs Bison (Dictator)

I am hoping one of you can hook me up with some art for my new stick please!

I’m hoping for a pic of Chun Li fighting the man who took her father away, M.Bison (dictator). Since there is not a lot of love there, I want her to be kicking him in the nads.

And don’t forget what a strong kicker she is, it should look so painful it makes my boyfriend wince every time we play! (“I’m the strongest woman in the world!” lol)

Besides making my stick look nice, well, it’s just a hilarious picture in general. Have fun with it!

THANKS! :lovin:

what kinda stick? and what kinda style are you lookin for? serious comic, anime-ish, silly cartoonish…?

Anywhere between serious-comic and anime-ish.

The art style shouldn’t be silly, though the face bison is making might be.

Any of their official art (II, III, Alpha, IV) is a good ballpark, just not puzzle fighter! lol

Link to stick

Are you paying for art, or just requesting it? Reading your post it doesn’t mention anything about compensation, so I thought I would ask. Seeing as my other commission is nearing completion I could be persuaded to take this on.

I was hoping to get volunteers but would consider commissions if there are no volunteers.

Thanks for the PM Bill, but apparently I can’t send private messages until my post count is 5 :frowning:
Your price is reasonable, how do you accept payment?

Let me do some sketches first to see if you like what i come up with. Just in case you change your mind. Haven’t drawn in a while, so I might be a little rusty. I’ll try to have something ready for you maybe later tonight. Tomorrow at the latest. Just as an idea.

If you like what I’m doin, than I can get to work on colors and what not.

Also, which Chun Li outfit? Alpha or Traditional? I’m guessing traditional?

Traditional outfit for both.

I was thinking a snapkick, shown from the side.

Possibly with his feet coming off the ground and a “crunch” sound effect that doesn’t obscure the art (but you’re the artiste`)

Are you still still looking for someone to do the image for you or do already have someone working on it?

Bill is working on it