Art suggestion for vlx panel

Hey @“Jasen Hicks” @hibachifinal @FrankCastleAZ @d3v

I need suggestions for my 6b vlx panel! Just wondering what you guys would put on there. I’m out of ideas. What would you put on yours ?? Serious question here

I’d mostly want engineering equations :slight_smile: No, seriously though, I did a Shadaloo inspired one.

bare metal

a photo of a vlx. meta af.


Well, if you want to be that guy, you could find some dakimakura artwork. I recall somebody joked about it a few years back since it fits surprisingly well on the templates. I don’t think they went through with it, but it would make for some nice laughs if they did.

great suggestions! what about you @FrankCastleAZ ??

Funny how some of the most talented art designers on this forum have contributed such strange suggestions in here.

+1 vote for Mr. Karate stickart:

If the new art was strategically positioned, a Red Battop would probably be a nice touch :wink:

Everyone likes pizza

Bonus points for a custom 3D printed Pizza dustwasher and actual pieces of pepperoni inserted into clear buttons

This dude is definitely a pizza fan: