Arthur and disappearing chip damage (crouch pushblocks)

Maybe I’m missing something obvious but last night during a bracket match I was playing L3XF gold Arthur vs a Nova. Started doing lance loops which normally do crazy chip for quick death, blocks or not, but when he crouching pushblocked it Nova took ZERO damage. Life bar did not move at all. Standing pushblocks still did normal, reduced chip. I have no idea what caused this or why it happens. Link to the stream: - happens at roughly 1:46:20 (and actually looks like the same thing is happening during Goddess Bracelet when he pushblocks). Only thing I can think of is that I do pop Xfactor BEFORE going into King’s Armor… if this is a real thing that’s easy to replicate it could be the end of Arthur anchor for me. :frowning:

Pushblocking (standing, crouching, or air) negates block damage on single-hit attacks. Well-timed pushblocking will eliminate all damage from XF3 gold lance loops. You can use gold arrows instead.

This has been the case since 2011.

Thanks, I had someone else confirm basically the same thing (although he described it as successful pushblocking negating the NEXT hit from chip) - couldn’t figure out how to delete thread though. I’ve been doing this for 18 months and this has literally never happened before even once, so I didn’t understand how something so fundamental to my play could have escaped me (I swear I always just see life bars melt when I do this). Alternating bow spam it is!