Arthur Fire Bottle OTG in corner

Often while doing a combo in the corner once I do a hard knockdown in the corner and try to firebottle to OTG it goes over them off screen and misses. What am I messing up?

If you are using it while using his golden armor, it always misses on the corner.

Yeah you have to find a different combo that doesnt end in a Hard knockdown. If youre in X-Factor, you can jumpback and throw the bottle to have it connect.

Oh arthur, why did capcom make you like this :frowning:

And thus part of the reason why i avoid Gold Armor. Though i still bust it out on occasion when i need that extra stopping power.

Arthur’s arsenal of steel weapons are pretty effective in their own right too.

I get the impression they thought they were making it better by having him throw further, and the corner stuff was an unfortunate mishap.

I think they were just trying to keep him honest, like in ghouls n ghosts. Fire bottles is the most awkward of the weapons, so it makes sense.

I’d imagine that Magic Sword being the most awkward, from what I’ve seen on YouTube

Magic sword(as in, back+H) is a deceptively useful tool for spammy-wammy super skrulls to hit them out of their teleport.

“Dude, its a super skrull player. Thats all they’re EVER looking to do. Just keep throwing magic sword”

Ya Magic Sword is awkward too, but Fire Bottles has is a mission to aim at something that isn’t tall in GnG. In Marvel, Magic Sword is super underused, really useful when people try to rush you down.

So far the only use i’ve found for it is countering skrulls. Anything else?

Fought a skrull a moment ago online and shut down his teleport everytime. Occasionally he’d try other things to make me think he stopped, but c’mon…its skrull. Keep that sword flying haha.

It works on anyone trying to teleport above you, and it doesn’t disappear on hit so it stops combos as well.

If magic sword didn’t disappear when you got hit it would be dabes

Does it or not? I haven’t played Arthur in forever.

Sadly, it disappears.

It’s a decent tool at best, it’s startup is meh and it’s pretty slow. If anything is underutilized by arthur players it’s his boomerang. His boomerang allows him to chain multiple projecitles together and has various angles.

Blehh. Dedicated point-Arthur player here and his scyth is just…huh? If my game goes right i won’t be anywhere close enough to bother with it, and when opponents are close, i have other options to put in play instead.

Every other projectile in his arsenal has its uses but the Scyth is kinda forgettable.

If they somehow are at jump range from you, you can use axe and the scythe on the ground gor a free combo.

Always felt Scythe was a combo only move. Axe is okay, it has its moments but Lances on the ground and Daggers in the air is usually what I did but on Anchor it’s all about that golden lance and crossbow.

Eh would need to see vids of it in action. Such an oddball move.

Axes are great. For use both on the ground as well as in the air.

I was having problems with regular armor fire bottle otg in the corner, but I figured it out. It has to be done much quicker in the corner than mid screen for some reason :slight_smile: