Arthur has no love :/

Anyone else get a little down from the ridicule handed down by other players when you pick Art? Its depressing sometimes because I see a lot of potential in him and they write him and myself off as players so quick. Does this happen in a tournament scene?

You know it’s sad when Captain America completely shuts you down and there really isn’t anything you can do about it. I play Arthur in one tournament as my anchor no one really said anything about it. Arthur is in a world were every good rush down character can air dash, teleport, or has a better projectile. Meh, life of not being a cool character.

I just like his combos most. Playing him makes me kind of depressed.

This is how you know your character is low tier.

I can’t give up on him though, wrecking entire teams with my mix of rushdown and intense lockdown makes me so happy. I just wish other people would acknowldge the fact that a good arthur can destroy the tier teams.

It depends, really. A skilled Arthur that keeps out the enemy and throws in a combo or two will speak for itself. In the tourney scene, I generally get a lot of praise for using Arthur. It’s awesome that whoever I face, they’re taken away the right to blame their loss on the characters I play, and that usually turns into respect.

What would make me happy with Arthur is some slight buffs:

The removal of the untechable knockdown when gold armour ends, possibly lasts a shorter time to balance.

Some invincibility for dp+H or dp+M, possibly only in gold armour mode and possibly only dp+M so you’d need an assist to get any more than just a hyper (like the other invincible dps), would help versus teleport characters.

dp+L stagger to be long enough to land a fH from any distance, or even to stun.

Possibly faster moving speed on Goddess Bracelet, to help nail the assist that let rushdown start, maybe remove the Bracelet loop to compensate?

One that’s not really gameplay but the ability to hold A1+A2 to start naked, for trolling and combo videos (it takes so long to get Arthur’s clothes off, save states would fix this though)

He by no means needs all of these, but I think they are good changes.

I do get praised a lot on arthur from my friends but if they are not on and i’m in casuals the amount of hate I get is ridicolous. I’m glad to hear that the tourney scene accepts arthur.

I got PLENTY of love for Arthur to cover for the haters but he is bad in this game.

That’s the reality. :sad:

Ironically enough, I was playing some people yesterday that were complaining about how BS Arthur is, and how I “would have nothing at all” without him on my team.

High comedy.

Who is the rest of your team?

Usually Task/Dorm/Arthur.

What do you mean he has no love? He has his princess.

Thats ok. A cool side effect of nobody using him, is that they don’t know how to fight a decent/good Arthur when they run into one.

Been playing him on point lately with nice results on Live ranked.