Arthur, The Chip Monster

I’ve noticed a very strong tactic that seems to be beating me every time, a level 3 X-factored, golden-armored Arthur can literally chip me to death on block without any chance to escape it (literally I can hold up and I can’t jump, full screen), and he can do this literally by spamming lances and nothing else. Once my first character gets KO’d and my second comes in I feel absolutely helpless to change the tide of battle, blocking means defeat, jumping in would seem suicidal if I had an opportunity to do so, and the only legitimate thing I can think to do is just wait him out with my own X-Factor, however he still builds meter while just spamming his lance, my HP won’t recover and his will, I’m still at a large disadvantage in doing that tactic as well

Now just to clarify I’m not calling Arthur “broken” or “cheap”, but I’m all out of ideas on how to counter such a tactic (for the record the guy I play against uses simple mode, but please lets not make that this issue here (unless it really is the issue)). How can I counter this impossible wall of lances??

First of all, it is supposed to be extremely hard for you to get in on Arthur. That being said, the way to effectively defeat Arthur is by maximizing your damage and harrassment once you do get in on him. He does not have the mobility (dash) to escape once you apply pressure on him, coupled with the fact that he has terrible health gauge makes him very weak defensively. Golden Arthur is very strong with projectiles and zoning, but it has a time limit. Wait it out and rush him down once it breaks!

Arthur is a lockdown monster. Combined with the right assists it can be virtually impossible to get in on him. The best way to get around Gold Armor Arthur or Arthur in general is to:

Character with a beam/projectile hyper combo

  • beam/projectile hyper combos are high durability, all of Arthur’s projectiles are low durability. Some become medium when he becomes GAA.
    Character with a teleport
  • teleport behind him when he begins his “wall” tactics.
    Snap him out for his anti air assist
  • an anti air assist is very key to keeping Arthur safe.

Arthur really just wants you to sit in the opposite corner and block. He doesn’t want engage in actual fighting.

This is interesting.

I’d love to hear more of the people’s opinion on the subject.
Arthur can be quite overwhelming at times

I’ve noticed how powerful Arthur is only using the Lance and the Crossbow, it’s just incredible how it can turn the tides on your favor or your demise.

This week I was complaining about Sentinel users that just spam standing Heavy and chip you to death. Counter this with a Golden Armor power-up and just Lance away!, you’ll see how it completely locks the opposition.

Im not very fond of a keep-away game but in the end Arthur it’s hopeless against some characters that can (and will) outrun him.

If your are having troubles with the spams, try to concentrate on the timer of the Golden Armor power-up, when it breaks…Attack, try to rush him while you can.

At this time he (Arthur) will try to…

1.Power up again and start from the beginning.
2.Try to A.Guard you, in order to power up or just tag out.
3.Goddess’ Bracelet w/X-factor or ‘‘For the Princess’’ Great Magic, Fire Dragon.
4.Try to double-jump (and that’s a big mistake since it’s very floaty and can’t steer the jump)

If he’s just in his Silver Armor, try to remember the pattern of his projectiles (Well…I use some to confuse, it’s not right just to mash projectiles), and try to time his projectile with you hyper or the like for a nice punish.

And when he’s with his pantaloons…Well, he’s pretty much dead.

I hope this info helps you, cheers!.

Double silver lance is one of the highest durability projectiles in the game, and I’ve never seen anything come close to beating gold lance (I haven’t seen it go heads up with a super yet, though). Gold lance is like a moving tank.

The silver lances have a lot of durability points, they are still low priority. In gold armor his regular projectiles all become medium priority. A high priority hyper beam, even with only one point of durability, still beats all low and medium priority stuff. Most projectiles have low priority. I think all super projectiles have high priority.
Durability points are used for the same priority (lances have 5 points of low priority each, gold has 10 points of medium priority) but a higher priority just wins. That said, a super with high priority is the only thing that can beat the gold lance besides another gold lance which would nullify it.

XFlv3 constant gold lances combo together on block or hit. If you block the first lance then you have a real problem on your hands. 20 seconds of xfactor and gold armor is easily enough time for him to chip out 3 guys especially if none of them are tanks. If arthur is their last character like you said then I’d definitely be rushing him from the moment he comes on the screen since he isn’t very good under pressure. Or alternatively, treat him like phoenix and snap him in every chance you get. Arthur is a very low health character and any decently put together team should kill him in one hit.

If you do end up blocking lances, you’re probably dead, but you can get out with a well timed pushblock. Pushblocking resets your guard stun, when the pushblock animation ends you are free to move. If you can time it correctly, then you can end your stun right as you block the next lance and superjump out. Of course if they purposefully or accidentally mistime the lance toss and you come out of blockstun early, your pushblock will become a button and now you’re dead.

If you have a character with a fully invincible lv3, then you can crossover counter to them during the blockstun and cancel immedately to level 3 if you have the bars.

I’d personally recommend not activating your xfactor until after the opponent uses theirs if they have an arthur anchor, that’s the safest bet. Superjump and waste as much time as you can when he turns on the juice, if he gets you blocking it then xfactor and wait it out. He is gonna fall on his ass naked with no xfactor in 20 seconds.

I love how in friendlies I’ve made so many comebacks by just level 3 X factoring Arthur in Gold Armor and chipping my opponents to death. Arthur is hilarious when backed by a level 3 X factor.

But yeah you probably want to save X-factor to prevent that from happening to you when you fight against Arthur. After that it’s hard for him to do much once his Gold Armor runs out.

Each lance has 5 points of low durability. This will match just about any special move that is a projectile or beam(Dr.Doom’s H proton shot will blow through 2 lances and there may be more) After playing at winter brawl I’ve seen more of Arthur’s flaws.

  • He has a really tough time against the faster characters coupled with a good assist(Chun’s LL assist or Akuma’s tatsu for example)that can rushdown.
  • He gets counterpicked hard by characters with beam/projectile hypers(Arthur or taskmaster mostly)
  • His reliance on meter to do big damage makes him susceptible to snapbacks(this is the same strat many players use to take out Phoenix)
  • Without a good assist Arthur has a really tough time locking players down. This makes Arthur a terrible comeback character.
  • Linking Goddess’ Bracelets does not seem to be worth the meter, you’re better off just DHC’ing.

Please note I’m only pointing out flaws I’ve noticed more so after playing at WB5. Arthur still has a ton of great tactics and tricks to cause keepaway lockdown.

All in all if you main Arthur i suggest you have another character to swap him out with when the teleport characters start coming out.

Lvl3 XF is not worth using on Arthur UNLESS you have 5 METERS, time is winding down and your opponent does not have a monster of a life lead. And even then if you have to use your Lvl3 XF on Arthur you probably should have used it on another one of your characters.

All of Arthur’s projectiles will lose to a beam/projectile hyper every single time. Even Goddess’ bracelet loses to most of the beam/projectile hypers in the game.(Taskmaster is a very popular character right now and is a terrible matchup for Arthur.)

Some great discussions in this thread but I have to just completely agree with the above. In my opinion it’s just way too much of a gimmick to save all those meters and XF for an anchor that can get easily blown up by a random super, assuming your opponent either does a well-timed push block into super or you make a small mistake while trying to keep him in block-stun. It’s difficult and often not rewarding unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong though, I love Arthur and plan on keeping him in my team but meh, that’s all for now.

Pretty sure they need a “medium” projectile to go through lances(doom’s H beam is medium. Thor also has one, and one other I can’t remember). Luckily…in golden armor, Arthur’s lance is medium. Don’t think anything beats Arthur’s powered up lance.

I thought the same thing a while back and started being much more conservative with projectiles when using Arthur as an anchor. I try to attack from above with bottle and crossbow instead of the usual ground lance and jump daggers. I also empty jump and double jump a lot to get into a medium range and mix up projectiles with c.:m: and :f::h:. Hanging back and throwing projectiles only work against a handful of characters that can’t deal with it.

Anchor Arthur you can’t be nearly as reckless as if you’re playing him on point.

I guess the real reason to use Arthur as an Anchor besides the chip is the fact that it isn’t safe to call assists on him when he can just blow you up with a level 3. =P

Who is Arthur usually against? Until then we only have vauge, possibly helpful information. But, in general:

[]Characters with fast teleports can bypass most of Arthur’s slower, more damaging projectiles (i.e. Wesker, Wolverine)
]This may seem a bit unortodox, but try using moves that stop projeciles if your character has them (i.e. Dormammaru’s Dark Hole, Modok’s Barrier)
[]Characters with high air mobility tend to be able to soar over Arthur’s “wall” and hit him from above (i.e. Joe, Spencer)
]If all else fails, just reflect the projectiles back to him (i.e. Hisen-ko’s Gong attack, Ammy’s Heavy Solar Flare)
Hope this helps.

How does Arthur work with Chris? I have been thinking to get them both on 1 team, Chris to build meter for Arthur and Arthur for cleanup

I’ve been experimenting with Arthur/Chris/Doom. Its a difficult team to play, because you’re relying heavily on chip and zoning to get your damage, but you can do some pretty nasty things. Personally I like Arthur on point, because after I find a safe point to use Gold Armor and get him out, I have gold armor torch as an assist for Chris. If you can keep your opponent grounded you can cover arthur with machine gun, and then go into more machine gun or H grenades (if they’re cornered) for insane chip damage while they’re locked down. Also torch pushes them to the other side of the screen on block keeping you at a safe range for Chris, and if torch happens to hit you can follow up with a magnum combo.

Whenever Arthur’s in his gold armor, I keep blocking, no matter how severe the chip, and OTG him when the armor breaks to kill him