Arthur throws

So I was messing around with :dp::m: in jumping throw, when I noticed that Arthur has 3 different damages for his throw. He does about 108 000 dmg naked and I think 60 000 fully armored. Wtf is going on here?

Oh, there you go, I don’t know. BTW somebody will say this should have gone in the General Arthur Thread, well I guess I just did.

I guess it should, got overly excited to find something new with him.

You got me in the training room with arthur based off of what you found and i’ve found some quick little things .

s.M s.H Lance Charge xx Heavenly Slash Air Throw Fire bottle Scythe Lance Charge Bracelet

I’ve also formed a new team with the Heaven’s Slash on assist with Spence (slant shot) and Skrull (stone smite) This is my arthur rushdown team. I’ve only been playing around for about 10 mins or so but skrulls assist has an awesome wallbounce that leads into a perfect firebottle hell slash or scythe or bracelet ender.

Art’s assist has some surprising range on it and has been useful to me with setting up slant shots with Spence. I’m still trying to get Art’s assist and skrulls heavy command throw to connect but eh *i just started :slight_smile: *

Nice! Good luck, I’m currently trying to figure out the true purpose for both Art’s air :l: and his aerial scythe. My current team has no OTG’s so I can’t go any further with heavenly slash///Grab. Yesterday a guy called me “The first rush-down arthur in the universe”, I’m trying to hold that title.

You can extend the air throw yourself with a fire bottle, it will pick them up. once they are in motion a lance charge to s.S continues the combo. :slight_smile: Best of luck in your Art rushdown, I’m trying to create that style as well :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate more about Arthur able to continue a combo from his air throw without assists? Fire bottles is too slow and it never hits before the victim recovers for me.

I am more than happy to. :slight_smile:

What MarsisDed has discovered is great and in its simplest no-combo form is this.

Heavenly Slash – jump – air throw.

The very next thing I did was start looking for ways to extend this on my own, I actually had a big grin on my face and was thinking “why didn’t I ever see this?” The fire bottle does not do a normal carry amount of combo hits. You will succeed at two but it is more than enough to continue your combo with lance charge or s.S. When the air throw finishes and arthur is on the ground just throw out your bottle. It gives me some trouble in the corner but everywhere else i can say hits but it only seems to roll for a 2 combo so get cracking on those combo extending moves.

I can’t still seem to pull out the fire bottle fast enough to otg and do a combo after an air throw. If there is a video somewhere that shows it how it’s done, then I would appreciate it as I find air throws a crucial thing for Arthur as a defense and able to combo it without assists would really help my own Arthur.

I was doing some work with him last night and was finding it harder myself to get it going. I have a webcam so I’ll see if I can record a video of it working for you this evening. I just have to get something to eat.

I made this with my webcam. Its not the best quality but I show arthur extending the air throw with a bottle himself, skrull’s stone smite properties and sent’s drones’ properties with the air throw. Let me know if you need anything else. :slight_smile:

It takes some timing but you have a much larger window than it seems to link all these together.

is captain america set to block after the first or am I missing something? When you do the air throw then fire bottle, the combo does not continue.

Umm. Captain America could have just blocked those bottles… The combo didn’t continue (you can clearly see him stand up.

Most people do not tech though and are overwhelmed by it. Its not a true combo but its a fun setup to work in. Sorry if I presented it incorrectly.

There is something to this, I know there is. If Ae didn’t come out I would be researching. Goddess Bracelet I like the pressure tactics, I found that by doing this against live opponents a undeniable factor crushes arthurs pressure everytime…

Round Table Law #1
Advance Guard is Arthur’s worst enemy.

(this is especially true if you’re trying to use rushdown pressure. Assist or otherwise)

I’m watching CEO right now but I’m going to jump back into some marvel tonight to continue his pressure tactics. I agree that adv. guard is a real pain when your trying to close the distance. What helps a bit with that is normal jumps with crossbow spam. If you look at Arthur as a SF character his game starts to make a little more sense, we need as much space belonging to as possible.

Um, that airthrow to fire bottle is a non-strategy. It doesn’t combo (you can pretty much end the sentence here, but I’ll go on) and saying that “most people do not tech” is not realistic. There is no one that does not tech and also does not block.

The DP+M>airthrow->fire bottle sequence has two gaping holes in it. You’d be better off (literally, both in reliability AND damage) just going from lance charge to S and doing standard aircombo, land, fire bottle (>bracelet).

If you’re close when you do that combo, you can do lance charge>scythe>gold armor>s.M>s.H>s.S>sj.M>M>H>gold axe, land, lance charge>S>sj.M>H>S, fire bottle (>bracelet). The only tough part is judging the distance/timing for lance>scythe (it won’t work at max range of c.M>s.H>lance charge).