Arthur's ( ASSIST ME! ) Video Tutorial

Hello and welcome to my inspired version of ASSIST ME! featuring Arthur, this is my version of a online tutorial all the information here is just a matter of opinion and by no reasons should it be considered the best information for using this character it is merely an introduction for anyone who is interested in our humble knight and wants to pick him up, hope you all enjoy watching and happy gaming latz~



Cool vids. Though someone maining Arthur in UMVC3 is in for a hard road though, as he is an all keep-away character in a game that primarily rewards aggressive play.

Glad to see you starting up around here, Beaner.:3

awww thanks you two, first off though to Grave, agreed the road is difficult using Arthur sometimes he destroys an entire team, sometimes he dies with out even chip damaging the enemy, but hes one of my favorite capcom characters so i have to give the old knight some shine, overall i have many videos with him i will post them on the video thread, thanks for commentating though

as for pwii, thanks :3

Arthur’s probably Tron’s best bro other than Sentinel (but fuck Sentinel) so this will certainly be useful.

Someday I will be good enough with him that I can drop Taskmaster’s H Arrows for Arthur’s Dagger Toss. Someday.

Yup i not only main Arthur but play him on point. I’ve had a good number of respectable successes with him, but also plenty of crushing defeats. Its only because i love the character and want to prove he is at least SOMEWHAT viable. Otherwise there are plenty of better point & anchor characters to make use of i think.

great vid. i’m just about to watch part 2 but already i’ve learned a lot!

thanks guys i hope this tutorial keeps helping people X3 again its not the most complete tutorial but it should give you enough information to give the honorable knight a try, until then thanks everyone for your support and happy gaming latz~