Arthur's Projectile Durabilities (According to the MvC3 Bible)

Daggers: Each Dagger has 3 Low Priority Durability Points
Golden Daggers: Each Dagger has 5 Low Priority Durability Points

Lances: Each Lance has 5 Low Priority Durability Points
Golden Lance: Each Lance has 10 Medium Priority Durability Points (!!) [Staggers on Counterhit]

Crossbow: Each Bolt (Two Bolts) has 3 Low Priority Durability Points
Golden Crossbow: Each Bolt (Three Bolts) has 5 Low Priority Durability Points [Tracking]

Fire Bottle: Bottle has 5 Low Priority Durability Points
Fire Bottle Flame: Each Flame from the Fire Bottle has 1 Low Priority Durability Point

Golden Fire Bottle: Bottle has 2 Frames worth 5 Low Priority Durability Points (10 total)
Golden Fire Bottle Flame: Each Flame from the Fire Bottle has 3 Low Priority Durability Points. [Bottle does not dissapear on block or hit.]

Axe: Each Ax has 5 Low Priority Durability Points [Staggers on Counterhit]
Golden Axe: Each Ax has 3 Frames worth 3 Medium Priority Durability Points(9 total)(!!) [Staggers on any hit]

Scythe: Each scythe has 3 low Priority Durability Points
Golden Scythe: Each scythe has 5 low Priority Durability Points

Goddess Bracelet (Hyper): Each projectile has 2 High Priority Durability Points.

Thanks a lot for this info!, it will be very useful for us.


What happens between the priorities? Does it take 2 low to cancel a med? Or will a med run though any number of lows?

A medium projectile will nullify any number of lows.

Most projectiles/beams are considered low. A rare few are considered medium(all of GAA’s projectiles and a couple others i can’t remember off the top of my head) and all projectile/beam hypers are considered high.

Wow, I didn’t know Gold Daggers were that good. And man, that priority on Gold Lances. Overkill much?

Now if only Gold Armor lasted longer, but 3 Gold Daggers giving 15 low priority points is just amazing.

Lances kill most beams with the first lance and hit the opponent with the 2nd. Daggers beat Deadpool’s machine gun and Ammy coldstar. The first two hits cancel the projectile and the 3rd hits.

Pretty sure his projectiles were designed to nullify other projectiles.

You have to toss daggers early to beat things like Deadpool’s guns, but yeah. I’m loving Arthur’s projectile game.

Use Dante type A against non-teleport characters and you can basically keep the opponent out all day with lances, axes and daggers. Don’t forget about back + H, this is a very undervalued move that helps keep pressure off of Arthur.

FYI Chris’ projectiles beat out even Gold Armor Arthur projectiles. I’ve gotten into numerous anchor battles with him and air magnum beats out all of Arthur’s ga projectiles. Of course the grenade super does too and it burns about half of the Golden Armor clock while it’s firing. Anchor Arthur has no options against an anchor Chris

That’s when you rush in, using your projectiles as cover. At close range, Arthur has better mix-ups than Chris and is faster to boot.

None of Chris’ projectiles beat gold axe or lance. Magnum is 10 low, the rest aren’t even close.

The only time Chris wins is if he shoots around your projectiles, be it with SJ magnum or prone shot. The only zoner who can directly challenge gold Arthur (without meter) is Dormammu (and really, that’s not so much “challenging” as it is “Purification doesn’t let Arthur hit the ground”).

Still, you can use shield and f.H to get around purification spam… lol.

Shield doesn’t actually do anything useful against Purification, because it (shield) still stays out for the full duration. You can somewhat avoid taking chip damage (while setting yourself up to take guaranteed damage if Dorm cancels to super), but it still stops you from zoning.

It is possible to throw a lance at a specific timing that will cancel Purification, but it is gimmicky and unreliable.

shield avoids the chip damage, blockstun AND pushback from Purification… you REALLY can use it to cancel the Purification and as soon as it ends do a f.H to get out of the next purification and punish dormammu with a super or something…

that obviously need you predict the purification pattern perfectly, it’s not reliable at all… but that’s what we have…

I did it to escape purification traps uncountable times…
it worked in a fair amount of the tries…
at least, it gives something to dormammu to think about, once they know they won’t just beat you for free just by Purification over and over again, you automaticaly get more space to move and place projectiles…

Dormammu is still the worst matchup you can have as Arthur, you need every little weapon you have to help you get around that fight…

Still, whenever possible, the best weapon Arthur has against dormammu is to tag out.

Just an update: gold axe solves Purification spam. Not sure why I didn’t think of it before, but because Purification materializes as a full pillar (and not from the bottom up), it is immediately cancelled by the medium durability gold axe while the axe on the way up. Dorm can do another Purification after the axe drops, but Arthur can block it and Dorm will get hit (and staggered) by the gold axe.