Arthur's X-Factor is faster if activated during Gold Armor

Try out the following:

XF3 followed by Gold Armor- try to throw gold lances as fast as you can. Notice that if you set the dummy to Auto Guard, you cannot keep them locked down in blockstun.

Gold Armor followed by XF3- do the same and notice how you can throw lances about 50% faster.

As far as I can tell, this bonus applies to all levels of X-Factor. XF2 activated after Gold Armor is literally faster than XF3 activated before Gold Armor.

Here are some more concrete numbers to give you an idea of the speed boost. I recorded the time it takes to jump straight up 10 times.

normal (silver armor)- 10.37
Gold- 10.26

XF1- 9.50
XF1->Gold- 9.53
Gold->XF1- 8.64

XF2- 8.59
XF2->Gold- 8.60
Gold->XF2- 7.80

XF3- 8.17
XF3->Gold- 8.13
Gold->XF3- 6.87

What made you come upon this, just messing around? I would always x-factor after going gold at the end of matches so I never really noticed the difference to be honest. Thank you for the info though.

I think to kill someone with 950k health with gold armor < xf3 is about 5 lances, 7 iterations of daggers (not sure about that one).

great information. i’ve been looking into picking up arthur again for my team because arthur is tight and iron man doesn’t suit me as much as i’d like.

We’re here to help if we can.

Hooray new Arthur info!

By the way X Factoring with different armor levels also affects your damage.

If you use FHIRE DRHAGON during ____ you do…

XFactor in Gold Armor: 800k
XFactor in Normal: 700k
XFactor in Boxers:640k

Very good to know, thank you. :slight_smile:

Update: the order in which you perform Gold Armor and X-Factor no longer matters. I’m pretty sure that was not a change from vanilla to Ultimate (as I specifically remember testing for it), but I tried it by accident last Sunday and you get the full speed/damage bonus even if you XF first.

more reason to anchor him

I’m positive it really does not make a difference anymore, but are you sure it wasn’t a vanilla to ultimate change?

I’m quite sure I tested it on the first week and it was already this way… lol