Article about Japanese Arcades

If Japan actually takes this into consideration, it will definitely suck for the fighting game community.

Doesn’t really matter. If its not arcades that keep youths from working it’ll be other things. I know some people in the US that didn’t get their first job until they turned 19.

And GTA makes kids shoot people. Who cares?

no money = hobo status, itll catch up with anyone who chooses not to work.

All the article did was make me want to go to a Japanese arcade.

What’s funny is, back in Okinawa 2/3rds of the Tekken players have jobs, and those that don’t are still in high school…But this was probably taken in Tokyo, where there are other issues than simple “omg they haven’t found jobzorz”.

WTF? Is this more of that “14-21 year olds arent smart enough to think for themselves and make their own choices while they’re still young enough to enjoy life” Bullshit.

Now people are gonna be bitching about shit other than violence and sex. Now Jack thompson has more fuel for his whiny little crusade against video games.

i blame rap music.

It’s always the rap music.

Can’t you take two seconds to fix a typo in your title?

couldnt you SAVE 2 seconds by not being a grammar whore. It not like he’s typing like some 12 year old on myspace.

“Not content to simply survey the action, I played a bit too. I tried my hand at the multiplayer fighting game Dark Resurrection and picked as my virtual warrior a white polar bear. I played the computer and was drubbed by a mohawked fighter who resembles The Rock. My Japanese interpreter, fighting as a boxing-gloved Kangaroo with a snowboard on its back and scuba fins on its feet, was defeated in the game by a tattooed girl.”

At least for randomly picking a game to play, he made a good choice. Fucking scrub.

:rofl: :rofl:

The kids, they listen to the rap music, which gives them the brain damage. With their hippin’ and the hoppin’ and the bippin’ and the boppin’, they don’t know what the jazz… is all about!

Let’s Play Neet!!!

This is shocking. Cause the Japanese standard of education is excellent. And they have top students who graduate from their technical institutes and become world class engineers. I had no idea it was this serious…

arcades are not free so if people are pouring money to play these games they must have jobs or atleast work for the yakuza trading limbless school girls as sex slaves.

anything to get that game of 3s…

the unemployed and the bums hanging out at arcades isn’t anything new. just go to any arcade in the u.s., you will see lots of creepy and crazy people.

Haha Seriously.

i rather see a bum spend their money on games then on booze…

that’ll be one of many ad campaign slogans i’ll have when i run for president when i’m 50.