Article: How to fight like everyone else (or actually try something new)

Yes. Some stuff isn’t necessarily worse, it’s just underused. A lot of players tend to go for what’s easy. If more people started playing characters that are harder to use, but allow for more creativity, then it wouldn’t seem like there’s a gazillion people playing exactly the same. For any scene, no matter what, people are gonna play what’s easy (and not necessarily what’s good). If more people played harder to use characters, or lesser used characters (not necessarily worse), then there would be more creativity, is what I was trying to say. Obviously top characters are going to be used more, and going to win more, but not everyone likes playing a character simply because they’re top. And IMO bottom characters aren’t fun either because you have way less options so sometimes it’s even MORE boring to watch/play.

I tried to make the point that creativity doesn’t come with combos, it comes with play styles. You can do things that other people don’t often do, even if the end result is the same combo. It’s not the combo itself, rather, what you do to make that combo hit. As Blitzfu said, you want to have fundamentals, but not overgimmick. Some people work better doing certain combos than others. For me, in Blazblue, I didn’t do the exact same combos as every other Noel player, nor did I do bad combos. I did what I felt was the best for each particular situation because of how i see the mixup game afterwards. Certain characters also mean different combos, not because of different combos that work, but because of playstyles of certain characters. Characters strong in the air against my character, I would obviously want to keep on the ground, despite maybe losing a bit of damage. Characters that have a hard time fighting an opponent UNDER them, I end with combos that leave my character under them. THAT’S where the creativity comes in. I’m doing fundamentally good combos, but thinking about how the combo affects the situation. And of course, things like “when to reset” “when to punish techs” etc, all count as that. Some players work better doing full damage combos, other thrive on setups, creativity is about playing what you feel suits your style best, not just whatever top player A does. Now with lesser used characters (not necessarily worse characters), you can do a lot of that sort of thing.

True, I was just offering some advice to the OP if he wanted to show how creative he is. If you want to be creative with Ryu, it’s possible, as Valle plays differently than Dan from Japan. However, if you want to be creative in the sense that you’re showing stuff that isn’t really seen, it’s possible by playing lesser used characters. I didn’t say bad characters, I said lesser used ones. Take BBCT as an example. Carl is really good, albeit hard to use, however, there aren’t really that many carl players. Arakune, too. He’s top 3, and part of S tier, but not that many people even use him. Ragna, who is 4th worst, is used way more than both of those other characters combined. Or in Arcana 1, during the period when that game was popular, Liese was the best character. However, only a couple people even tried using her. THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE GAME was barely played. It’s so easy to get creative and do cool things with her, but nobody wanted to make the effort to do it, even though it really would have payed off. That’s more what I’m referring to, not “use shitty characters because they’re shitty” Don’t play like, dan in MvC2, he’s boring. Maybe if more people played Sim, or worked him into their teams, you could see some interesting things, and Sim, while not bad, is just rarely played, but has so much potential to do really cool things. Let’s not forget there’s people out there who use teams like, Colossus/Rogue/Ken, and fare pretty well. That’s what I’m talking about. Ok I’ll admit that team isn’t as good as MSP, but it’s not completely unwinnable by any means. I think Mike Z uses Juggernaut in this team? Yeah, mike Z isn’t a tourney winner like Jwong/Sanford, but he makes his team work. Any game that’s fairly well balanced, this is possible, too. Tekken 6 is pretty well balanced, but the easy characters are the ones people use. “Try using harder characters that are just as good, and possible allow more freedom in the end, once you get past the harsh learning curve” is what I’m trying to say.

Farp - Man, it’s true. Watching Love Heart gets boring, but when I see a gem like Stone Lilica, or Halo Yoriko, it makes for really interesting matches.

Yeah, Rob I def agree with what you’re saying. I think a big part of it as well can be attributed to game balance as well. Like you said, Dan, Roll, Serve in MvC2 are just wastes of space. There’s better and flat-out more interesting characters to use in their place.

But yeah about the balance; from what I’ve seen (emphasis on that) the game seems to have a good level of balance and while I see some characters overshadowed (like when I asked about C VAkiha opposed to H and F) for the most part the variety looks to let the lesser used still be viable. Again, take that with a grain of salt as I’m still pretty bad at this game, just been focusing on it a lot recently.

Funny thing about Arcana; I play lies and didn’t know how good she was until ROS told me awhile back (I never looked at a tier list). And this goes back to why I personally think games with a good level of balance are the best since you don’t always have to sacrifice that variety to do well.