Article on the development of Hakan

I thought I would share this with all of you. Great read, including on what Hakan’s “Helmet” really is. =)

I read that before but only an excerpt of it but i still remember the hair part comes from toruko ishi.

man! look at that air grab picture, from that angle it looks like someone got tackled by a very violent rugby player

Giant swing would of been a sick move. I don’t think any SF character has a true giant swing command thow yet

talking about toruko ishi (rock head) in AE 2012 his c. hp will be two hits… I wonder if that is still a good tick to a spd grab hmm… cause i like to lk lp lp c lp combo and wait for opponent to react and I usually do c. hp to either pressure them even more or if they jump will handily go under their jumps and if oiled will allow me to tick into spd.

yeah haha swing em around and don’t let go, just put em down on their feet and they get a massive stun metter (dizzy from the spin) hahaha that’ll be hillarious

Reading all of that actually made me feel bad for the fact that there still aren’t many people exploring the character. I might just hop on the train lol.

You’re welcome aboard!

You should, I just did. Well, mostly because I’m just exploring my options right now but just basic fundamentals, you can tell the dude has power to unlock. And in 2012, watch out.

I dont know why I like that comment. Actually I do.