Artists are always quicker on the DRAW!

Just posting some of my artwork. See what you guys think. For the most part I work with pencils, but sometimes I end up coloring them with oils or arcylics, including airbrush.

anyways seeya!

Feel free to leave any comments.

heres another:p

and another…:lol:



Dude…your work is sicker than sick starts to kow tow!!! Love the Aqua Man draw especially!!!

looks nice… the images are on the small side, though - can’t see most of the detail on these pics. looks good so far, larger would be great :slight_smile:

Awesome!!! All of them are pretty great. They look like Alex Ross’ art style. I agreed Rook about more awesome larger pictures. Great job!!! :cool:

Thanks for the comments.

These new pics should be of better size.

see wat ya think??


characters I created for my comic:cool:

If you guys would really like to see one of the first four pics I posted just let me know. Also I’m working on a wallpaper with most of these pics.

whats this I have in my pocket?..

,another pic.:smiley:

now that’s what i’m talking about son shit hot show them the real shit :evil:


actually this is “givers” but bigger.

thanks brotha. you know how we do this in Boston.:cool:
And they ain’t seen the real issh if you what I mean.
orochi forever!!!

you no me and the big man always orochi that issh all da time brotha lol keep it coming ed these boys never seen the POWER :evil:

Subscribe to this thread cause I’ll be putting on here some streetfighter and kof pics soon. peace.

i can’t wait to you put that issh up

clarkspark… very nice stuff!! i’m a fellow artist myself, gonna get some more shit up here when i find out how… but just wanted to give u props… all of ur pics show talent and potential, and 3 of em showed great skill! :slight_smile:


Awesome pics. man!!! :cool:

Now let’s see you do those KoF pics. :evil:

Thanks, Hey I’d like to see your stuff, go for it.