Artists you'd like to see do the backstories?

I for one love the whole idea of the backstories. I especially like the backstories in issues #1 (Ryu/Sagat), #3 (Ken/Eliza), and #4 (Charlie/Guile); they were very well done. I also love the idea of having different artists do them, as they showcase different drawing styles. Anyhow, who would you guys like to see do a backstorie? Here are some I’d like to see:

  • Jo Chen - he currently only does the foil covers… I think it’d be so badass if he did the art for a backstory.
  • Jae Lee
  • Pat Lee - does Transformers
  • Michael Turner
  • Jim Lee (hey, it’s possible)
  • Tsutomu Nihei
  • DellOtto (guy who does SECRET WAR)
  • Al Rio

Who would you guys like to see?


  • Jo Chen - he currently only does the foil covers… I think it’d be so badass if he did the art for a backstory.

Jo is a SHE… :smiley:

  • Jae Lee

We asked Jae. But his price is too much for us to afford…

  • Pat Lee - does Transformers

Pat was scheduled, but he turned us down last minute…

  • Michael Turner

Still trying to slot that in his busy schedule…

  • Jim Lee (hey, it’s possible)

Highly not possible due to his exclusive contract with DC…

Other 3 I have not been in touch with them yet.

Jo is a she?!? no wonder the foil covers come out beautifully spectacular every time, even the little cammy sketch she did at the end of #6 was neat, would b great to get her to draw and paint her own backup story

wasn’t there a capcom artist scheduled to do a back up story? can’t remember where i read it and who it was.

is asamiya-san still restin due to health? i was lookin forward to his art.

i’ve read that Andy Seto (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon HK comic) will be doin the backup to #10, the cover looks very nice.

keep up the gd work Udon

I don’t know the liklihood of this, but I’d love it if you guys could get some of the great Manga Artists that have worked on Street Fighter over the years.

Masahiko Nakahira - The one man who has had more influence on SF than anybody else. He’s work includes the Cammy Manga, SF Zero Manga, Sakura Manga, Ryu Final Manga and a short 30 page story that depicted Sakura against KYo.

Itoh Mami - More of an Artist that’s been all over the place in regards of Capcom Fighters. His work includes SF2 The New Challengers Mangas, Darkstalkers, Vampire Savior, Warzard, a short SFZ2 gag story of Morrigan sucking Ken’s energy dry with a kiss as she appeared in his SFZ2 Background and a Juni and Juli Manga. Come to think of it, I’d love to see him do something for Capcom Fighting Jam since he’s pretty much drawn most of the cast before!

Masaomi Kanzaki - You should know him since he did that Kick Ass SF2 Manga a few years back.

Baba Yasushi - He did an extremely bad ass SF2V Manga, (very different from the Anime) which even featured an early version of Satsui No Hado Ryu (though he wasn’t called that as this Manga came out before Masahiko Nakahira’s SFZ Manga, as it served as kind of a prequel to SNH Ryu since Nakahira is really the one credited for SNH Ryu’s creation.)

Well, I don’t know if these guys are that available given their crazy Manga creating schedules, but one can dream in the meantime!

I’ll also hope for Nobuhiro Watsuki, Tetsuo Hara and Hirohiko Araki, but now I’m really asking for too much!

Todd McFarlane would be awesome. let him write the back story too!

Kelley Jones
Sean Phillips
George Perez

Think you can get any of these guys?

Good suggestions

You should definately try Gabrielle Dell’Otto; his stuff is getting really hot now that he’s been doing “SECRET WAR.” He’s an Italian painter, and I think Secret War is his first American series… great artwork.

I had no idea Jo Chen was female, but she definately does awesome work (not just on Street Fighter). I really think she should do a backstory so we can see more than just coverwork. It’s really too bad about the Lees, but maybe we can eventually see something from Turner. I like his work, but it’s understandable that’s he’s got a busy shedule. Isn’t he launching his own comic line? ASPEN? Also, he’s been doing an ungodly amount of stuff for DC from what I’ve seen on the shelves lately.

Yikhai - where have you seen the cover for SF#10? I’ve only seen the Alvin Lee one so far, so if you would be kind enough to put up a link, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sano - GREAT idea about the SF Manga artists and going back to the roots of SF. It would definately be very interesting.

E Town - Isn’t Todd McFarlane semi-retired from comics?

Firetrainer60 - do you have any example of those guys’ work?

Keep the artists coming, as you know we’ll be heard, and maybe you’ll get your dream artist to do one of the coming SF backstories!


Good suggestions

Doesn’t matter. He’s the best. EVER. If you can’t get Todd, then how about Stan Lee?

How about just some pictures of Jo Chen then?

stan lee and todd mcfarlane?
todd best ever???

um he was tapped out like 8 years ago. his writing skills aren’t that great, and take another look at his art. not all that great capullo is way better.

stan lee? what is this 1950?
the guy is a symboly…a figure head. he couldn’t do shit. sorry.

I agree with you about Stan Lee, but Todd McFarlene would do a good job IMO. I saw one of his newer drawings of Spawn (not for the comic, just for fun) and his style has gotten better. I guess he just got tired of the world of comics. The man is a legend. The work he did on Spider-Man alone is more impressive than most artist/writers do there whole careers.

YOU guys are wrong. Stan “the man” Lee is ownage!

I now present to you Stan Lee’s version of Street Fighter.

Ryu accidently knocks out Sakura with a Satsui No Hadou charged Hadouken and comes to the great realization, “With great Hadou comes great resposibility.”

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Still I have a lot of love for Stan Lee for all the Super Heroes he’s given us, but did you read the “Stan Lee Presents” Series of DC Books he wrote a few years back? I brought every single issue and let me tell you, it was awful. The man just doesn’t have it anymore. Heck for his Spider-Man Comic Strip, he’s even drudged up old Spidey stories from the comics he thinks we’ve forgot about.

As for Mcfarlane, I used to love him, and then I studied Anatomy and, well, I still like him but not as much as I used to.

Did anyone mention Marc Sylvestri yet? His work on recent X-Men Issues was breathtakingly Amazing.

Steve Uy he did feather

i totally agree with Marc Sylvestri. many have compared his return to x-men to jim lee’s batman hush. he can b our street fighter “jim lee” so to speak

Steve Uy, can’t believe i forgot that guy, his comics look like cels for anime and he can do some kick-ass covers (see uncanny x-men)

i think sean chen would b pretty gd for a back-up story. i dunno what he’s doin now but he did some character art for the x-men handbook 2004.

ed mcguiness would b another cool suggestion. i would definately like to see michael turner ao a back up story also.

KentDog, i can’t find a link as Devil’s Due hav yet to post their august stuff on the net, i saw it in this month’s Previews. if anyone is wondering, the power foil by jo chen this month is FEI-LONG, with flaming foot!! the alvin lee cover coloured looks amazing btw! as soon as its posted, i’m sure it’ll b posted here too.

Becky Cloonan, who’s currently kicking all sorts of ass in all sorts of styles over on Demo.

David Choe, who was apparently just released from a Japanese prison and subsequently found god, but hey…I like his pencil art.

Carlos Pacheco, who just finished up six issues of Arrowsmith.

That’s all I can come up with off the top of my head.

With great Hadou comes great resposibility

Thats the BEST catch phrase ever!

WOW, Jo is a she:eek:
Dammit Jo, give us a break and draw some kool art for us.

I for one like to see shinkiro use his magic touch on the backstory too and that one guy that does capcoms art too(forgot his name, but the guy that drew the capcom and snk character art in animation style).

Jim is not possible for right now considering hes with DC for crying out loud:mad: I wanna see his art style too for he is god.:eek: until that contract is up, then we can hope for the best.

Shoot i also wanna see Stan Lees version of Street fighter, but i highly doubt he’ll even come close to even sketching.

hmmm any chance Andy Kubert gonna draw some street fighter art?? Hes got some mad marvel art too.

Greg Horn is also a pretty good artist too cause his take on marvels Namor cover was pretty good. His skills are eye popping alright:eek:


Kelley Jones: Woked on: Batman, Deadman, Last Train to Deadsville (current), The Hammer.

This is a link to the first 4 pages of a new mini-series Kelley Jones is working on for DarkHorse called “Last Train TO Deadsville”. The first Issue is out right now.

This is a link to an original art page from Kelley Jones. It is an issue of Batman and in this page yo can see the coolest ghost ever, Deadman.

Sean Phillips: All I have read by Sean Phillips is Sleeper. It fuckin rocks!!!

This is a cover to Sleeper Season 2 #2. Sleeper season #1 was a huge hit last year and it is one of the best comics Im reading. Its a super-villian government conspiracy type comic.

Here is some art by Sean for the cover of HELLBLAZER.

George Perez: Probably one of the most popular comic book artists in the world. He has worked on many greats. His most recent work was on the hit AVENGERS vs JLA.

Here is a link to the cover of JLA VS AVENGERS #3. Almost every Avenger and JLA member is depicted.

how about rob liefeld?