Art's Clear/Colored Dustwashers... and Custom Dustwashers =)


Lots of info, so hope you guys don’t mind reading =)

Ahoy! I think some of you know me already from the Plexi cover stuff =). So in relation to that, I’ve had some requests for Clear Dust covers. Well, while I looked into making those, several ideas crossed my mind and I think I have a few things that may interest you guys in that category.

Oh and please forgive some of my pics. The lighting wasn’t so great at times and I was doing this quickly.

So first the simple stuff. Here’s what I was able to cook up for your basic Clear, White and Blacks.

And of course, why not etch too!

And also, for those who want a dustwasher to fit without the Shaft Cover!

Now I decided to investigate other colors. While other colors exist, the catch is they are 1/8" thick. This is actually pretty thick and I’m not sure if this will really work as a dust washer. It depends on how you play your game… do you hold only the joystick top? If so this may work for you. If you find yourself resting against the dustwasher, or actually using it in your gameplay, then this may not be the best option.

You can see here the 1/16" and 1/8" difference:

Nonetheless, I will offer the option should there be people who really want to pimp their stick.

And FYI, I do have a transparent Red in 1/16" coming in. It needed to be shipped. On a similar note, it took a lot of effort, but I did find some Colored Transparent Acrylic in 1/32"! Sounds great right?! Well… the cost doesn’t. Just a few square feet of that stuff is $150, before shipping… no joke! Sooo I’ll have to look around a bit more and see about getting a better price. I’ll do my best to bring those to you.

Now… For the real Juicy Stuff!!!

I’ve been experimenting with this for a bit, on whatever spare time I had, to come up with something that finally worked. And upon talking to a few respectable sources, it didn’t seem like this was done before. Well… I say why not take customizing your stick to a new level!

Introducing, the Custom Dustwashers… With your artwork… only limited to your imagination… No more will Ryu’s Fireball be covered up! :wink:

  • these are just samples of what you can do. I will not be selling these as is, due to copyrights*

And samples of no Shaft-Cover versions:

Some of your first thoughts might be printing directly on the acrylic. This isn?t the case as it would be way too costly for this to be for ?everyone?. So here?s the run down of how it?s done.

I have a Dustwasher template where I apply the artwork to.
Laser print it on Glossy Sticker stock
Stick to 1/16? sheet of acrylic. Laser cut using the center as the start point.
In this case, the laser cutting helps ?fuse? the sticker edges to the acrylic, so it?s not easy to peel off.

Now here?s the kicker. You may be concerned about the ink eventually smudging off. No worries! Spray a couple coats of Acrylic Clear Coat Spray. Wait for it to completely dry and not only do you get a nice glossy look to the art (trust me, it really brings it out) you get a very good layer of protection. You actually have to intentionally scratch deep into it before you really damage the art. I took some time and experimented with this first to make sure it worked. And I was very satisfied with the results.

With all that said, you guys can do this yourselves! Print on an inkjet and apply the Clear Coat Spray and there won?t be any worries of ink smudging. I will be ?going green? and taking plexi covers that didn?t make my quality cut and cutting them to dust washer sizes. Those will be made available cheap so you guys can play around with your own designs. In fact, you can also use Krylon Plastic Fusion sprays (and any other plastic sprays) to make various colored dustwashers for your purposes. I still strongly suggest to apply a couple coats of the Acrylic Clear Coat Spray to give it an extra gloss and extra protection.

I don?t have the time at the moment, but I do want to provide a brief tutorial on some of this stuff as well as make the Dustwasher PSD template available. So hopefully I can at least provide you with the templates in the next couple of days. I don?t have them converted to PSD at the moment as the correct dimensions are in Corel.

Of course, if you guys would like me to print and cut your designs for you I?ll make that service available, similar to your artwork submissions.

So anyway, I hope this sparks some interest and bring in a new element of customization. We take pride in customizing just about everything on our sticks? why not this? =).

It would be great to someday see a thread like ?The Official Dustwasher Template Thread? where some of the great SRK artists can lend their talents. Mivlives? :wink:

Anyway, I?ll be making this stuff available on my site early next week.

Your feedback on this is greatly appreciated so I know whether to do more research on obtaining the thinner transparent colored acrylic sheets, and whether I should put greater effort in providing the customized service.

Feel free to ask questions. But I’m going to be busy with fulfilling plexi orders and at my day job, so I may not get to your questions right away.

PSD Templates for the JLF Custom washers can be downloaded here:

Thanks for dropping by =)


well I’ll be ordering a set of these once you get them up on your site. I need a pair of decepticon/autobot logo ones to add finishing touches to my sticks :smiley:

everything looks awesome man, really cool stuff!


Wow just wow, put me down for 20!
The second one on the last row looks crazy, the possibilities are endless.


Man, this is very good stuff.
You arthong, you are coolest person.

2009 is such a great year so far for Custom Arcade Sticks.
Thank you!

So many different ideas can be done now.
Endless possibilities.


Amazing Art! I’ll be making my orders for plexi’s and these dust washers if they’re available!


Damn, you’re really outdoing yourself. This is hot.

Is the transparent blue only in 1/8? Or is there a 1/16 option?


Wow arthong, you really outdid yourself!

This is amazing! I can’t wait for the 1/16" transparent red dust covers :smiley:


Is the florescent red close to pink? Or will there be a pink one available in the future?


That is very thoughtful! Looks like you’ve got someone to invest in them. :stuck_out_tongue:


arthong, you sir are an amazing man. I know you’re really only focusing on Sanwa products right now since those are more popular, but I hope you can give us rebels who like them Seimitsu sticks some lovin’ too. Thanks for everything you’re doing to let us customize our sticks!


Wait, the shaft rods are different between the Sanwas and Seimitsus?


Awesome stuff arthong!

A quick question though - will the acrylic dustwashers be more or less abrasive to the plexi tops when compared with regular plastic dustwashers?


this is freaking awesome I was thinking about trying to make my own dust washer with a drill/hole saw… it could never come out this well.
Can you do the etchings on the mirrored acrylic? Also would it be possible to make a JLW sized washer? (52mm) so it covered up a 30mm hole. do these fit both sanwa and seimitsu sticks?


Shaft of Sanwa JLF is 09mm.
Shaft of Seimitsu LS-32(-01) is 10mm.
Shaft of other Seimitsu are 09mm.

Thickness of where the Dust Disc goes.
Measurements are off by few Tenths of Millimeter though.
I misplace my digital caliper.

I’m sure arthong can get precise measurement.


Nice Art! Definitely will be grabbing some when they become available.


Wow! Just Wow!


Damn those are sick looking! The clear ones are rocking! Any chance you may be getting a purple clear down the line? I know they would look great on my custom sticks!


Is 1mm going to make that much of a visual difference?
If not, why not just make all of them 10mm so that it opens up more customers for Art and reduces the need to switch between the two sizes for mass production purposes?
Of course, this is entirely up to Art himself.


These look amazing! Will definitely have to get one of these whenever I get my TE stick :slight_smile:


Would definitely be interested if you can fit LS-32 shafts.