Art's Hobbies - DIY Acrylic Cases How Bad is the Flexing and Quality?

I can get a Qanba Q1 stick complete with buttons and a stick for $80. The Art’s hobbies stick will cost about that much I reckon just for the case alone

Its kinda ugly and the designed was never improved upon but my main concern is how solid and sturdy is it when you are hitting buttons? I like stuff rock solid as if you are hitting concrete. Sadly some sticks like the Razer Attrox while its steel it flexes a lot.

I can let u know in about 2 weeks what the quality is like when my order comes in. I have two fightstick builds going down and I just happens to order one fightstick case from tek-innovations.

I don’t think they feel as solid as you would like. I own 2 of them, as well an HRAP V3 SA Kai, and the HRAP feels all around more solid. idk anything about Qanba, but I personally would look for something used for around $100 with Sanwa parts.

I’m stocked for my forhammer stealth 2 diy case. Its not far off the cost of tek innovations cases with all bells and whistles.

Are you safe to buy from? how do I buy from you? what do you have in stock? what kinda wood do you use?

Typo meant to say stoked. Chech

I’m having a custom made case for my brooks universal fight board. I’m having an additional 4 buttons added to the stealth 2 case with custom etching. These are sturdy wood cases that weigh in @ 5 pounds and can take a good beating.


the tek case is actually pretty solid, i have two (one was more of a test project the other is my actual work horse which ive had for years) and unless you like to hammer fist your buttons, you should be fine