Art's Hobbies - DIY Acrylic Cases


SNCR was pretty fun. Art, do I have some feedback for you :rock:

Had an issue where screw-ins came unscrewed and fell out. I had some aggressive people playing on them (Valle BODIED FilipinoChamp’s Dhalsim with his Guy :rofl: and FChamp beat Marn in two seperate FTxs (forgot how many matches). ShinJN explained why this happened, but I don’t exactly remember what he said (I do have a transcript of sorts, which I’ll get directly to Art). He basically said because the plexi is so smooth, screw-ins will NOT be able to hold securely and reliably; more friction is ideal. However, snap-ins will be perfectly fine. This doesn’t apply to all potential customers, but the possibility is definitely there (think PS-14KNs). A solution had to do with notching the panel so the screw-ins have something to hold onto… I’ll get Art the exact words ShinJN said, so check back or post up a question if it isn’t addressed in the next Art update.

In summary, though, most people said…

  1. For it’s size, it needs an appropriate weight. It was put this way; for the SE, the light weight is fine, because it’s a small stick. But for something larger, you want something more substantial.
  2. Customization potential is a HUGE draw. People have suggested the option for three buttons on the back panel (Start/Select/Guide), placing them in different places (eg, back left instead of back right), extra PCB mounting options and solutions, custom button layouts, support for American parts, etc. What people have said (and I agree) is that since it IS a DIY case that was made to be modular, being customizable to a very high degree should definitely be part of the product.
  3. More options CAN confuse customers, but some people suggested offering the case as it is now (with it’s current options) as a base option. Other, more complex configs (more height depth to accomodate American sticks, universal mounting, custom button layouts) could be available as a more expensive, custom option. Only issue I see is that production can be slowed down due to the custom nature of these orders, so you can charge a fair premium for this service.
  4. People really liked the look of the stick and explicitly told me so (Alex Valle liked it, FilipinoChamp liked it, MarkMan :open_mouth: liked it, ShinJN liked it, James Chen liked it… on and on. And, of course, all the other people that asked and told me they liked it too :D)
  5. People really really liked the look of the stick (I knew it looked cool, but it got quite a few inquiries and curious looks :D).

You don’t know how many people asked me if I was Art Hong :rofl:

Also, after having used it in tourney (on my lap), I can honestly say I didn’t really notice the weight difference too much. There were a few times where it felt different, but not noticably so. My combos were all hitting, I was able to plink, and everything felt fine (I swear I can successfully plink HK~MK a bit easier on Art’s case than my two TEs). Then again, do consider I am light on my stick. Valle expressed that it felt fine - just like a Japanese part equipped stock stick - but probably because it was so light, he felt like the stick “wasn’t there” and it felt a bit awkward at times. He didn’t seem to pull any punches on his joystick rotating and hard button presses, and it held up fine.

Regarding durability, it travelled in a very lightly padded backpack, cushioned between a few T shirts. It was packed in with quite a lot of stuff and it survived the trip to and from SNCR.

Other than some wiring issues (my own fault entirely), the stick worked great.

Looking forward to seeing your reply, Art! And check your inbox soon :tup:


Excellent! Because art is going to be doing extra button slots on the sides if we want them right? So ill have start select on top, guide on the side. Thanks for the help JDM!


Gonna try to get some updates on new add-ons for the case, particularly the weight slots and extra support to the top panel for those who would like it. Also got in my LS-56 so I will look into a plexi mount for that and the LS-32 along with height checking. Also gotta figure out the threading of the screws for those mounts. A lot going on so I’ll try to update with pics and details soon as I can. Thanks all!

Dude, that’s awesome! Thanks for the details of your experience. I will have to chat with you soon for more info. It’s quite exciting that all those people have had a chance to check out the case and play with it. Man, if only there was a video of that =). Alright bud I will touch up with you on PM. Thanks again!

Yep, extra buttons all around if you want =)


bro, i would like to order your product at the first picture. i’m using the sixaxis PCB for the custom arcade, 6 buttons layout like TE. i’m at indonesia, how much does it gonna costs?? thanks a lot man


From the FAQ in the second post…

There is more details that will address your other question and more then likely any other questions in the FAQ. Please read it.


Side Weight Slot Option!

Hey guys! So I took some time and effort to find a good way to add weight to the case, for those who want it. So here’s what I came up with.

The slots are made available from the side panels. So you would take the side panels off

Then add a modified side panel (4 pieces to put together)…

Here’s how both modified side panels look with the slots.

Now you’re probably wondering why there’s a slit in slot panel. That’s because these slots serve another purpose. The slits are there because you can put another PCB or another device in the slots and run the wires through the slits. It’s just an added option.

So aside from that, you can pretty much place whatever you want in this slot, within size limitations, to add weight to the case.

Now if you’re interested in my opinion, I did a lot of hunting around for suitable items for “weight gain”. I’ve tried nuts n bolts, various washers, and even spare change. I’ll explain later why all those options didn’t appeal to me, so instead I came upon these tiny ball weights!

Okay, okay… they’re actually zinc BB pellets, lol.

I’ll explain in just a moment why I choose these as a better option, but first let me show you how these are added to the slots because you’re probably wondering how do you fill the slots up with the slit opening.

What you do is add two more pieces of 1/8" plexi to the sides of the slots. This will actually reinforce the sides.

Then you add the pellets in.

You’re wondering, how about just not having the slits in the first place so you don’t have to go through this extra step. Ah, well it’s because this step is still necessary regardless. The reason is with all the little pellets added up, (or any small materials) there’s a good deal of weight against the walls. If you fill it all up and say you give the case a good bump (like it’s bumping around your backpack) there’s enough pressure pushing the center of the small plexi wall where it can bend it just enough to allow some pellets to slip through. By adding these extra 1/8" plexi’s to the side, it will allow the pressure to even out rather than let it focus on the weak spot.

If it’s not making sense to you because I’m not explaining it clearly, then just trust me. I’ve done a lot of testing and playing around with this to come to this solution. Anyway, here’s how it looks with the case put together.

And with two slots full of pellets, it’s about an added 2.5 lbs. This case by itself was 2.3lbs. With pellets it comes to 4.8lbs. So add all your pcb’s, buttons, joystick, etc. and you can get a good 6lb fightstick going.

So on to “Why BB Pellets”???

The main reason why is the cost per lb. When looking all around for other possible weights (given that a criteria is that it should at least look decent since it’s a see-thru case) the price just doesn’t match to the pellets. For instance, each small washer can cost 8 to 15 cents each. Each smaller washer weighs about the same as a nickel, which is about 0.17oz. It will take almost $8 to add up to a lb of weight. In that respect, a lb of nickels equal to $4.7. Pretty much every other thing I can find (magnets, nuts n hex bolts, fish weights, etc) isn’t any cheaper.

So with all that searching and comparing, I found a nice heavy container of zinc BB pellets at Walmart for about $9 for 6,000 BB’s. 6,000 BB’s weigh about 4.6lbs, essentially making the cost per lb to a little under $2. And in my opinion the pellets look decent as they give a uniformed look. And as far as I can tell, Walmart had it cheapest even than what I can find online. If you look for them, make sure you’re looking for “Zinc” BB’s, not the colored plastic ones as they are way lighter. Also not the copper ones as they are more expensive… although they provide a decent weight so they are viable options. If you can’t find these BB’s at Walmart, or other retailer, I suppose for a small markup I can sell 2.5lb bags of them on my site.

Anyway, that’s my opinion and those are my findings. Your choice to whatever you want to place in the slots. The side slots will be an option and you’ll get everything you see in the pics, which includes the two 1/8" slot pieces. Price isn’t finalized yet, but it will be reasonable for all the pieces involved. Different color side panels will play into the total cost.

I will make a separate video on the installation and sample usage of the slots in the near future.

Oh, DO NOT USE LEAD WEIGHTS. Lead is toxic.

So let me know what you guys think. I’ll have a few more updates coming shortly on more case options so please stay tuned.


Nice, I was wondering about adding weight.

This is an added bonus if you play DeeJay, because the stick doubles as maracas.


Just think about how hilarious it would be if you dropped a BB filled case and it broke scattering BB’s all over (imagine people slipping and falling everywhere).




Will the added weight mess with the durability of the stick? Will it eventually crack due to the added weight? Perhaps you should test that out with a traveling tourneyhopper?


arthong, can you send me a set of these Weight Panels?
I want to do a test on Thursday.


That’s why there’s the added two 1/8" pieces of plexi on the sides. So the pressure is evenly distributed against the walls. I’ve tried banging the stick against a carpeted floor to a certain degree to simulate bumping against a bag and it held up. Although I’m sure if I banged it hard enough something will give, like the T-slot screw joints is where most of the pressure will be on. So the added weight does make the case a little more delicate to a drop.

But it all comes back to physics and treating this case differently than a full wood/metal case, as mentioned. Shouldn’t carelessly swing it around and toss it on a counter, etc. If you’re up to taking that extra care with the case then it’ll work for you.

Sure! I’ll try to send out tomorrow if I can.


Thank you!


hows the noise with the bbs? id assume it something along the lines of having them in a can and rattling them around? unless i missed something skimming over.


If you pack them to the top, there’s very little noise. Once I get a chance to make the video I can better demonstrate it. You can make them as loud as maracas like RoboKrikit suggested, lol, or they can be relatively quiet.


i might wait and see when you release the cases, i have a few ideas and some stuff in my garage (i hope they are still there and if i can find more) but if all else fails the bb’s will do. of course there is the off chance that i might like the lighter case.


Probably be a good idea not to take a case full of electronics and BBs through airport security…


I was curious if there were any updates on purple acrylic. As well, if thats not an option would a purple transparency be feasible/cutable to mesh with a clear plexi cover?

And yes (-_-)’ I’m already trying to put together my order on paper lol. Still trying to figure out where I’m going to get the guts from…my Hori or som other place…hmm.

  • :bluu:


Hi there, when are you releasing the full plexi-case? I have a SE stick and is very interested in owning one full clear plexi-case replacement. Another question is how durable is it since I play very aggressive.

BTW that carbon fiber looks sick!


What size should art for the plexi case top panel be? I’d like to start working on my art now. :rofl: