Art's Hobbies - DIY Acrylic Cases

looks very pimp id get 1

I’ve found my next stick sir, can’t freaking wait.

This will be the next stick case I buy, too bad not in time for EVO…

I will buy one. May you make universal mounting plates so I can put in Seimitsu, IL, and Korean sticks if I want?

HOLY SHIT! That is all I can say. (and I mean that with the best of intents)

so bad ass

Wow, nice! Only thing I’d worry about is it’s kinda light @ ~3.5-pounds. YMMV obviously.

Curse You art and Your lovely case. The GF is gonna be pissed that I am getting another stick, oh well. Will definitely be getting a couple. Wii stick modded with Toodles Wii cthulhu here I come!!!

Will definately be getting one of these!

You’re like the mad scientist of Plexi, Art!
They look awesome

I wonder who the Testers are. :wink:
Are they cute? :blush:

Yeah, I wonder who the testers are. :stuck_out_tongue:

uuhhhh WOW!

Art you are the man! After I made my first order with you and been playing with my fightstick I was thinking what could be the next step…well you definitely helped me find that step.

It really sucks that we have to wait until august, but you make such high quality products its totally worth the wait.

Gives us all time to think what kind of colors we want to use and so forth!

These a simply amazing. The design is very well thought out and the end product looks great. I will be ordering one for sure.

Oh wow, Art you are going to be a millionaire with all of these cool products.

The price for the all clear case is very good, not much more than just my full TE panel & artwork so you can count me in!

Very nice looking. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

amazing work

  1. Are the screw holes pre-tapped?
  2. What material are the diamond joints made of?
  3. Are the screw holes prone to stripping due to repeated unscrewing and screwing?
  4. How sturdy is the top panel? That is, does it bow due to the 1/8" thickness?
  5. Have you stress tested the case and check for cracks around the screw holes?

Simply incredible. August gives me some time to decide what colors and such. You rock art.