Art's hobbies question


On his artwork uploader, he says RAR and ZIP files only. But, in one of his pages where he talks about how to prepare your artwork and such, he says you can use a JPEG. So, can i use a JPEG? Thanks.


just zip the jpeg.


Well, i can’t ZIP it because my computer says it can’t do it. And my computer is messed up so i can’t download anything to be able to ZIP or RAR something.


Do you have an archiver?


I have no idea what that is =D


Its a program that basically allows you to zip and rar stuff. I personally use peazip. You could read more about it here. Visit their community page if you got more questions. You can also use winace. Both free programs.


Macs (OS X) comes with a standard archiver that should zip about any file or folder of files. All you have to do is Highlight the file/folder, click right button on your mouse and scroll until you see the option for Create Archive of " ". Then highlight Create Archive, and release the right click button. It automatically create a Zip file. Time for Zip creation (it doesn’t compress the file; just changes the container for it) depends on the size of the file.

I know this primarily a PC/Windows question but I’m leaving this nugget here because there are a few Mac fans in the Forum that don’t know all their system is capable of doing. They might think they have to buy a new program or download Freeware to do this. They don’t…


7-zip is great


In windows.

Right click the file>Send to>Compressed ZIP Archieve.


But, when i do that. My computer says “Windows could not make the compressed (Zipped) Folder here. WOuld you like to send it to your desk top instead?” Or something like that.


So… just make the zip folder on your desktop. Move it later if you need to.


So, it let me send it to a zip file, but whenver i go to it. it says that no items matched my search. Ahhhhh, i hate computers.


I can’t access my desktop because my computer is super messed up.


Out of curiousity, when i click on the Zipped file that i just made, should i see the picture in there?


Yes, you should.