Art's Hobbies UK buyers

I’d planned on using, but apparently they are streamlining their production line and can’t supply me with the plexi/art cuts I needed. Given this, I was wondering if anyone from the UK has used Art’s Hobbies to order their plexi/art and

  1. How quickly it arrived.
  2. If there was any damage from the long haul.
  3. Did you have to pay any customs duties upon delivery?

Thanks in advance.

  1. A few weeks.
  2. No damage.
  3. No customs.

… dont ask.

Thanks, man. Does anyone know how much the shipping to the UK is? I don’t want to spend a fortune on art+plexi. Already spent 20 bucks on buttons, 10 on acrylic spraypaint and almost 10 on a balltop. Its adding up to much more than I thought it would.