Artsy Fartsy Stuff: Critique my work

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  1. enter, click on Hoang Nguyen’s Portfolio
  2. PLEASE just check out my ARTWORK, and not my other shit; ya’ll can, but it’s really teaching- and art-related (don’t want to bore you).
  • it’s a work in progress; i haven’t uploaded everything, and polished things up, like my teaching and artist statements yet (too lazy…lol).

  • the animated GIF’s are just tests…it’s for another project i’m thinking about incorporating (has to do with an animated art gallery…)

  • anyways, this is basically a website/resume for teachers, but i’ve also adapted it as my personal art gallery (one of our class assignments).

  • enjoy, and shit on me if you want; i’ve hard harsher criticism from some of the nation’s best assholes…er, professors. :pleased:

  • having a formal art education really sidetracked me…heh. :pleased:

Awesome, I liked your paintings a lot. How long have you been an art student?

I think it is a good start, but you need two things very badly.

  1. Color

None of your color spaces harmonize, and give your work an industrial design look. Something a architect or a mechanical drafter would put together, rather than what an artist or graphic design professional would put together.

In other words, industrial artists choose colors as a matter of function, and put them down before considering the effect they will have within the space. If you want to bring your work to the next level, you need to understand how color is going to interact with the space that you are designing.

More reading here:,1819,2788,00.html

If you don’t want to learn any color theory, then use the Color Schemer to cheat.

  1. Misuse of 2D space

Most of your stuff is overtexturized. It has been my experience that most people use filters and textures to compensate for poor handling of 2D space. If you want flat colors to have life, and to jump off the page, you have to understand how the composition functions within the borders of the 2D space you are filling.

I recommend learning everything within the pages of “Principles of Two-Dimensional Design” by Wucius Wong.

All of the work in the PC section of the portfolio is really overtexturized, yeah.

I really like the look of the lithographs in the Printmaking section, but I don’t think it would have been easy to read as a comic. My eye would just wander off in different directions, so it’s hard to concentrate on the text. The etchings I really like (Enter the Text and Thoughts of Morrow). Enter the Text a bit more though, because of the inclusion of some color as opposed to your ctrl+u desat on Thoughts. :o

Painting: Not a big fan of “he row in.” It’s kind of pretentious to me…Facing the Reality of Dreams is kind of tough to me too. My eye’s just stuck on the dude with the big yellow head, and he doesn’t look pretty either so I don’t like my eye being stuck on his head. I can see that you tried to do the primary color scheme on the three characters, but I think there should’ve been a more neutral BG color as opposed to the reddish hue. I can see that there’s a bluish hue near the blue guy, but there’s a big red space next to the yellow guy’s head. If that space were yellowish, maybe, it’d be more alright…

I like The Embrace of Loneliness a lot for some reason, but I was always a fan of linework and sketchiness. St. Sebastian’s Daughter is too textury IMO, and if it wasn’t that textury it would’ve been doper. For some reason I think the texturing on When Angels Fall really works though…might have something to do with the skeleton which makes me accept texuring like that more.

You’re a Sandman fan aren’t you?

Edit: Pay attention to Rei though. I’m a scrub.

  • too long! i went in Fall 97 (!). I’m the world-class procrastinator in its truest sense… :sad:
  • i WAS a painting major. changed to communication design (graphic design)
  • i took some time off in between, because i began hating painting for its bullshit politics (i was going to be a gallery painter-dude); i originally thought of illustration…bah.
  • i CHANGED majors to Art Education. STICKING to it! I found a love for teaching about something i’m still passionate about.
  • I have a year left, doing pretty well… :pleased:
  • I am NOT done with uploading my gallery and finishing up my Artist Statement (too lazy…haha). I’ll let ya’ll know.

** I’m adding in my figure drawings and drawing stuff in general in a new section…and more paintings, prints, etc.*

cool. thanks a bunch, Rei. i’m always up for reading. :pleased:

oh, you’re referring to my PC stuff…yah, i have lil’ experience with PC work; i just treat them like my paintings…:sweat:
i thought you were talking about my handmade work…or maybe you are…:sweat:

btw, i HATED design…lol. i come off more as a Formalist nowadays, more concerned with the overall composition and just blatant juxtaposition of color. i know the rules, but i should’ve put that i intended to break them. i strayed away from hardcore naturalism a while back, and went more Expressionist (with monochromatic themes).

  • i overtexturized on purpose, since i’m originally a painting major…check out my paintings; they’re layered with excessive amounts of paint that raise above the surface…i tried to do something similar in style with my PC work (since i am totally teh suk/n00b at computer art)
  • He Row In - have you ever drawn on Scratchboard? This was my inspiration; drawing with oil paints…tis’ fun. Just find a hard board, cover it with oil paint, let it dry, and draw into it. i’m sorry…it was more of a conceptual idea… :sad:
  • inspiration from comics? yes. strictly as comics? no. the text is just there - as part of my Formalist approach, they’re just for composition’s sake.:sweat:
  • i juxtaposed and made the work “busy” on purpose…you can’t let the eye totally rest on one spot…i tried to have a focal point in each panel, but kept the eye moving…
  • Facing the Reality of Dreams was a Freshman work I did…I was such a n00b painter…:sweat:
  • The Embrace of Loneliness was the start of a different direction in style; it marked a transition period after I was instructed by a world-reknown watercolor painter. :tup:
  • St. Sebastian’s Daughter = THICK. Heh. That’s excessive paint to the max! Oils laid thick…texture all over…mmmm… I understand where you’re going with the excessive texture, but it’s been a part of my painting style; Expressionism had a big influence on how I treated painting…
  • And yes, The Sandman is top-tier. :tup: This was my silly homage to him…hence the narrative/comic influences…it all ties in to my artist statement…

*Anyways, I enjoy the constructive criticism. I value all of the opinions…all of ya’ll! I’ll let ya’ll know when I update the shit to the fullest. I hope you get a better sense of my naturalistic approach to figures once I upload some drawings. :pleased:

…til’ then.

i uploaded drawings…i’ll crop them later…lazy…hahahaha…

I really like your work man, great stuff. I enjoy the paintings more than anything, though the last piece on the printing page is really nice.

your work seems average to me. most of it looks “okay,” especially the drawings (which were nice), and i’m sure it all has personal significance, but i didn’t feel anything, which is where i’m bothered. the work on your page (which i’m sure is not everything you’ve ever done) seems to be simple representations of things/people as opposed to a sort of deconstruction of emotions/ideas. everything looks ok, but i’m not feeling any substance or anything beneath it. there might be some amazing philosophy beneath it all, but your work on its own feels a little empty to me. i read your artist statement as well, and it seems like you’re trying to tell me all the things i’m wanting to see are, in fact, there, but i’m still not seeing them.

“My primary aim in creating art is to move the viewer, whether he is “artist-intellectual” or the common Man.” --this was not achieved.

overall: 6/10

& yes, you overtextured the crap out of your pc work

i thought your drawing were great, especially the first couple of women. brilliant stuff. i didn’t quite know what i was looking at for the pc stuff!

finished the 2d section.

finally finished the damn gallery; time for my teaching shizzle… ;(

Not half bad buddy!

touche’. now to post more of your new work, phong! :bgrin:

Your work seems more fine arts than anything. Do you work from model? Some of your works seem impressionistic. I’d have to see more of your basic fundamentals works to see where you are going.

I see Chuck as one of your influences and it kind of shows. I remember my brother going to a Duane hanson show and ran into one of his cop sculptures and said excuse me haha.

Drawing section was my favorite part out of all your works. They just seem more solid to me than the painting section.

Overall pretty good. Keep up the good work.

  • yes, i have more of traditional fine arts training than illustration (although i originally had that intent). I haven’t drawn a comic panel in ages. I lean towards the old Jim Lee/Mark Silvestri style of comic anatomy and overall look. I do respect McFarlane’s and Larsen’s take on the human anatomy also; look at their amazing works on Spider-Man!

  • yes, i have an impressionistic/expressionistic influence, leaning towards post-modernist views. I can do the tight stuff, but my basic philosophy in art depends strongly on action. hence, many of my figure drawings seem “sketchy”. yes and no, some are figure drawings, some are studies/exercises on accuracy (i.e., copying), and some are full-blown artsy works.

  • I’ve updated my artistic influences, and included Alex Ross and Yoshitaka Amano. As much as I am a traditionally-trained fine artist, I can’t forget my roots. :rock:

  • I kind of thought you’d be more interested in the drawing portion, since your leanings are more towards illustration. I enjoy your illustrations as well! :bgrin:

  • My Portfolio/Resume is approximately 90-95% finished; I just need to fulfill my teaching standards…I may update more works later, if I feel like I have some neat stuff to show.


…i put a Feedback option at the bottom of each of my Artworks pages; feel free to leave any feedback about my work. thanks!

it’s my professional teaching portfolio, so please sound professional and smart if you “do” decide to post! :slight_smile: