Arturo / Marn



@ 6:47 Arturo Sanchez talking sh!t about Marn.

I hear that Marn beat him this Evo, is that right?


Yes, Marn knocked out Sabin I believe. Sabin played Seth against Marn in that one. He really had Marn against the ropes and was holding a good lead in the 2nd round of the 3rd set(won the first match) with Marn almost dead(like 5%). But when he attempted to escape the corner and gain some space, Marn caught him with a Messiah > FADC > Ultra and won the round. He went on to win round 3 easily.


thats what happen when you try to use Seth. once arturo masters seth, he will probably get him banned. A perfected seth will be unstoppable in the future.