Arturo talking trash... funny stuff


Im making this thread for hype purposes only… not tryna start any kind of beef or what have you…

I just got done making these videos from last weeks Wallcade tournament. Arturo addressed some funny stuff, figured I’d post it here since he wants to mm WC @ Evo

Get Hype people EVO is here! :bgrin:

Hate TV 2: Wallcade Edt.

Part. 1

Part. 2

Part. 3


Art reppin hard! Good Shit!


fuck yes. EC baby!


damn he didnt even say free

he said ULTRA ULTRA free lol


all ec does is talk, all you have is justin, no one else is making it to top 8!



Sabin is a good player on the EC, that being said he would just be another ugly face on the Best Coast.


Marn is free, and Cali is ultra ultra free…
But EC isn’t even remotely free, since dudes here have been getting SO PAID off of them. You just have to factor in how much they’re worth since their pockets are so deep and every penny goes towards funding Socal. Those dudes are worth every entry fee and plane ticket they donate to WC.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Art, for flying out to Denjin to hand Valle/Peter that SBO ticket on a platter made out of the salty tears that was OOZING from you after you had your cherry busted.
Cherries and sour grapes for miles, EC is like a motherfucking Jamba Juice, yo, and they ALWAYS ask for those WC protein shots.

Third place has never been so impossibly far from the money.


snaaaap. that burn was fresssshhh


that was too good

I always wondered how come I couldn’t see any other big matches from LI and Arturo from devastation


Thats because they didnt want to show how li joe perfected cali’s hero valle.


lmao EC stand upp :clapdos:

IF joe perfected valle, then JWong is gettin in that ass


10k in the pocket. bet it


lets all dick ride justin cuz he is the only good one from east coast


Lets all look at the past EC tourneys where both joe and wong played and use common sense


ec tourneys is EAST COAST TOURNEYS.


dude im talking about the wong vs valle exhibition, not the SF4 tourney.

Jwong beat L.I joe, (who is still a great player) many times before, and joe perfected valle.

common sense man


I got faith in my fellow Long Islander.


me to im HOPEING joe makes top 8


Joe’s more than capable of doing it. WC ate it at Devastation so I’m hoping for the same outcome for this.


Hate TV 2: Wallcade Edt. (Part 3)