Arturo vs Fchamp

hi guys, recently ive been watching many of these 2 top players’ videos and trying to up my sim game. I used to be a fan of arturo’s solid zoning sim until i stumbled upon fchamps unorthodox sim wich is more unpredictable and flamboyant wif his yoga tower but less of the zoning ground game wich arturo thrives in. So juz wanna ask u guys wich of these 2 players’ style do u prefer and why?

no success in copying other people styles , specially when playing as Sim

create ur own style , see what techniques works best with you and practice them

in zoning there are no styles , the zoning of Sim is the same that everybody does

Good luck with your Yoga Journey :slight_smile:

your own style

I prefer getting punched in the mouth.

He isn’t really talking about copying a style though, just which one we prefer. This could of course be understood as “prefer for our own use”, or just “prefer to watch”.

As for watching, I am really torn… I love watching Filipino Champ when he is doing inventive mix ups and using unorthodox methods to deal with different situations, and I actually think Champ has a lot of good ground zoning game too, while Arturo, or should I say “Arturo while he mained Sim”, was a more clean zoning Sim. By this I mean; Champ is doing something at all times, either feinting a normal, poking or throwing a fireball etc. Arturo on the other hand, as far as I remember, had a very clean style, where he did very few moves, but every move was super effective, and on point.

Both of these styles are enjoyable in different ways, but I have to say my favorite is the clean style, as Iyo was the one who pulled me towards using Dhalsim just by watching his play on videos. I feel like Champ and Mochi are close to each other in style, while Arturo and Iyo used to be close. Arturo has began feinting normals more, going for mix ups etc, but I am sure I would like his style more if he concentrated only on Sim. Today I would say I like Champs style over Arturo’s, but I believe that is because Champ is doing better with his style, than Arturo is doing with his “half-assed” Sim style… No offence Art:P

I miss the Iyo style:P

i like the two different styles of play,

Filipino Champs style is exciting to watch it looks very high risk and intense\stressful to watch lol (mainly because i have trouble following it on the first watch),

i have preferred Arturo vids in the past because the play style looks guaranteed but some times he misses one input and its round over.

other than that i remember some vids of a player called utj which i thought were good but dident hear\see anything after that west coast warzone tournament

more recently around the beginning of supers release lucky ds sim has been fun to watch. but since watching evo i think(or some recent American tournaments streams) ive been trying to find videos (cant find nothing) of a player called afro/jason cole the style looks solid and aggressive it just looks like some match up knowledge needs to be worked out

but to answer your question out of the 2 i currently prefer Filipino Champs style as he seems to be winning consistently and you can currently find footage of him playing sim in long sets\streaks against a mix of characters easily

ok juz to give my 2cents of input too. I prefer watching fchamp playing but more inclined to ‘‘copy’’ arturo’s low-risk style. I was watching both of their vs daigo vids that day and i think arturo plays a very solid ground-aerial game by throwing many ex fires to control space, less usage of normal yoga fires and more sliding and daigo seemed to have all his options shut out until art was mindfucked at a moment n lost it.

fchamp on the other hand, was rather unpredictable. He uses a lot of towers, including some when being cornered or even on daigo’s wakeup to pull out smth amazing. His ultra mixups were more creative, uses more feints, depends more on randomness than solid technical zoning to beat daigo.

But personally being a less flamboyant player who relies more on logic and sound matchup knowledge, i still prefer arturo’s style :slight_smile:

orh forgot to mention apart frm jap sims, i like watching luckyd vids too, hes a bit underrated i wld say

I made my own style when I started playing Sim and it seems to work for me. I took some ideas from multiple big name Sim players.

Watching Nyannco’s Sim opened my eyes to the Yoga Sniper and it’s setups.
F.C. pulls off some tricky stuff with teleports and yoga tower.
Perhaps the most useful, seeing how top Sim player’s handle pressure. Nothing is more important than understanding how to escape a corner or pressure. There’s nothing I hate more to be stuck in a loop of cannon spikes and not knowing how to escape!

I still have a lot to learn but I’m on my way…

If anything I’d say copying a style is good, ESPECIALLY with sim. Dhalsim is just one type of character, one that zones, you can’t ‘create a style’ you just use the correct normals when you’re supposed to…That’s why you never hear of sim-mix ups, cause he barely has any…

Not necessarily dude. I mean, I’m just learning this character and there is a lot more depth then I thought… The whole idea is to be unpredictable and know your match-ups. Copying another player’s style won’t get you very far at all…

…but what do I know, I’m just the 800lb Gorilla in the room.

You can’t copy someone else’s style any more than you can copy their personality. You can try but you’ll always fall short. For this reason alone you need to pave your own path. You can learn from other people, but you can’t be them.

who cares jap sims are the best

Jap Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, E. Honda, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Fei Long, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, M. Bison, Sakura, Rose, Dan, Gen, Ibuki, Dudley, Hakan, Juri, Adon, Guy, Makoto, Dee Jay, and T. Hawk are the best.

WTF cares who the best is? I play the game for my own enjoyment.

Always wonder why Sabin doesn’t use towers. Like ever. And drills are rare as hell from him too.

But anyway, that news to me he dropped him. wowzers.

Wait, Art dropped Sim? Wow. For Rose I take it?

my sim is the best CLOSED THREAD lolz