Artwork for Arcade Stick, some help needed please

Hey guys, new member to this site, but always browsed.

Just modded my first arcade stick. It’s a Mad Catz StreetFighter stick. I want to change the artwork , I just modded it with a new joystick and sanwa buttons etc…

Can anyone help me with artwork? Where I could find some templates?
Looking for anything Sega, or Shmup related. My favorite game is radiant silver gun, but can deal with anything Shmup , Sega or Sonic related.
I’ll need template sizes and stuff. I’m sorry if this has been covered 1000 times before, but I tried searching and couldn’t find anything.

Thank you :slight_smile:

JOYSTICK ART TEMPLATES - Street Fighter Virtua Fighter Tekken SNK Capcom BlazBlue Fighting Game News Strategy and Guides at


Capcom Unity Templates

hope that helps