Artwork for Madcatz SE stick


I have no idea if this is the right place to post so if I apologise if I am breaking some kind of board etiquette.

I bought a second hand Madcatz SE stick a while back and have lately been modding virtually every aspect for it ever since. The last thing I need now is replacement artwork for the top panel. I found the following picture around the internet which I quite liked:

Obviously this is the base of a stick but its a nice simple clean image which is something I was going for. After more searching I found a very helpful post from a few years ago by d3v about how to design replacement artwork. I found the Madcatz SE template from another site and after screwing around for a while I came up with the following:

It is very rough and I will probably have to find some higher res images, the background is purely a placeholder, I have transparent buttons so laying the atwork over these areas is not so much a problem and I have removed the SE’s turbo panel so the top left is free. I was looking for a background which is a closer fit to the watercolour/inkblot artwork of the SFIV intro. In the aforementioned topic for creating stick artwork (Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial) some of the users have done an amazing job of them, I was wondering where (short of actually penning your own) people get the backgrounds such as the inkblotches around the buttons etc.


If you have photoshop, you can find free ink blots and ink splatter brushes on google(in fact, the first few pages of google of the search for such consist of packs for free ink brushes). From there create into your hearts content on the template