Artwork Request Custom Control Panel

Heloo all. The title is self explanatory. Would anyone be able to fill a request like this. Im looking for a directions insert for my mvc2 cab that Im build ATM. Im not looking for the official one as to i have that already. I want a custom one with advaced strategy/tactics info. There more like the instruction cards on game moves etc…

Photoshop is killing me well not that much. I can grasp the stuff in PS its just time is killing me to get it the way I would want. i have a few samples that I have done so far and most of you will prolly see my PS skills arent that much yet.

Im going for capcom style instuction cards. I like the rounded boxes the most and the generic charcacter people from the mvc1 cards. Im gonna keep working on this but if anyone can help I would appreciate it much.

I like this one, the font and colors.

This one is my first. i dont like so much but was my first attempt.

I have some updated pics in tech talk of my stand in progress. here is the link.