Artwork request (willing to play)

I stumbled on this wallpaper which i find very neat and was wondering if anyone of you ps experts could reproduce it using street fighters characters

given the amount of work something like that would require i’m willing to pay for it

It’s alooooooooooooot easier than you think it is payback.


does that mean you can do it for free???:rofl:
i’m looking to use it as a stick artwork

Beware of chibi’s hidden nazi messages.

any takers? :sweat:

Heh, that actually is o.k. Would make a neat Char. Select screen design, I think.

Maybe if there could be whoa, I think I just unexpectedly volunteered myself for the job. :bgrin:

PAYBACK, you got any links to specific SF artwork you wanted to see in that or do you have some pics already? Also, what sizes were you wanting for the wallpaper?


I already have the pics i can send them to you over msn if you’d like and you can give me your paypal email address