Artwork too big!

Ive just finished printed and laminating my artwork only to find out that its slightly too big! Its only too big by a tiny amount, which is why I didnt notice it sooner.

I have the Madcatz SE stick and I used the official template for it. Im guessing the problem has come from my print settings. Could anyone guide me to the correct settings? (I did it in photoshop CS2)

Sorry maybe this is a stupid question but is it too big because it is set to bleed? So you are supposed to cut it down to size.

Did you print the holes on it or something? Too big is actually preferred. Just trim it to size. It’s always better too big than too small.

It could possibly be. Heres the settings I used if it helps:

Could it possibly be that I should have selected the “Scale to fit media” option?

Yes I printed it with holes. I needed to cut them out and line them up properly so that the button letters were in the right place.

Just out of curiosity, when you’re in Photoshop, go to the Image menu on the top toolbar, then click on image size. The bottom of this window should list a “document size”. This should be the size the document will print at, and we can see fi it syncs up with what’s showing in your printer options there.

I don’t think you should ever select “Scale to fit media”. I think the best way to test is to see if the button holes line up and are the right size, because if they are then it was printed correctly. If they are too big then you know the art was stretched out.

3396x2372 pixels
28.75x20.08 cm
11.32x7.907 inches

As far as I know, Ive not changed it at all since I downloaded the original file. I just put my Image and text on. Didnt change anything else.

Well I’ll try a few things to get it how it should be. I’ll dull the image down as well so i dont kill my ink.