As an aggressive player, who are my best choices in Ultra SF IV?


Title, best characters to consider for an aggressive playstyle.




Serious answers only please.


Rufus, Yun and Cammy




Emp Knuckledu would agree with Nemesys_Syndrome…

You have to find a character that fits your strengths, then you figure out how to play that character aggressively. Besides Kunckledu’s guile, there’s Adnan’s Dhalsim who tends to be aggressive even at bad times, but it works for him…


Depends on what you want out of your character, and the amount of pressure you can apply at any moment. If you wan’t unrelenting pressure then Yun, Cammy, and Makoto are good choices. If you want solid pressure but more well rounded tools then Fei Long, Rufus, and Bison.


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