as an assist



i know this is weird but i needed to find an assist with doom properties (stri/doom trap alternate). i looked high and low and couldn’t find much… but i did come accross zangief’s spin punches and realized that it’s a good assist. any projectiles go right through, if it hits once, all punches hit, and if u make zangief unblockable, he’ll be unblockable everytime u call him in. meaning that ur throwing in an assist that can’t be stopped basically (slowed down but not stopped). but it hits high, not mid, so the opponent can totally duck and call and assist, aaa’s like pshy, cyc, and others that are unblockable on entry will eat him and u up… so it depends on who u play with, if u had cable, get ready to kill their assist, if ur sent, the same, if ur stri, u gotta work of course… the mixup being jumping over and f.punch, or teleport to the other side and orbs. if the opponent decides to block, go low, if they duck, u can always grab since they’re not getting hit and have block stun. zangief hits 4 times, after the 4th time, air combo. but this could be different if the 1st one doesn’t hit but the 2nd and so on.

if ur unblockable, he does a spin punch super into the air…
just messin around i did a.d+f.p, spin punch~spin punch super, in the corner it worked, it was funny… not knowing anything about him and did a random combo like that… i still dont know how to do the spin punches accross the screen…



Hmm…Psylocke and Cyclops’s anti-air assist are not unblockable during start-up. They just have invincibility frames and will hit you if out of anything if you’re not blocking. You have to block BEFORE they hit you, which can be hard cause they come out fast. Very few assists in Marvel vs Capcom 2 are unblockable. Zanglief’s throw assist is one of them:)

Zanglief’s “spinning punch super” is his Team-up Hyper Combo (assist 1+assist2). It dodges projectiles just like his punch lateriat. Very useful.

I usually use Zanglief’s throw assist, but his ground assist could be good too. Mecha Zanglief’s throw assist is top-tier but he’s tricky to use. However, if you keep on nailing your opponent with Zanglief’s ground assist anyway, then that’s great. But if you find it hard to win, I suggest that you stick with Doctor Doom’s anti-air assist for a while. He’s easier to use, and works great with anybody.


here’s a tip. dont use zangief


sigh That’s what almost everyone says about mid/bottom tiers. It’s like 40 characters just got erased from this game, like if every should only use Cable, Magneto, Sentinal, Storm, and some other AA assist characters.


not sayin that u shouldn’t use mid to low tier characters, just not zangief


Well, what about using him as an assist? (since this is pretty much what this topic is about)


just dont use him
he aint that good


Zangief is a great assist!! I use him in a team with gambit/zangief/cyclops gambit with projectile and cyclops anti air. I find that when i have gambit out if i rush down forcing the oppenent 2 black and call zangief then they will b thrown by zangief there for at the same time b hit with a cajun explosion from gambit. After gambit builds meter call in cyclops and when zangief hits use his beam special> Thats how i use zangief and uh rico suave u betta respect him as an assist cause i bet ill dust u with that team !!!


Thanks, Vega_04. At least there is someone here that agrees with me. :frowning:


I’ve started using gief as an assist, and his pretty good at that. Too bad his dash is so slow in the game…

Hahaha, Rico Suave. Whatever happened to the real guy?


Actually, Zanglief doesn’t have a real dash. His “dash” is really just a unblockable moving grab which, if connects, allows Zanglief to perform his normal grabs my pressing the corresponding button:hp for the punch throw and hk for the kick throw. The hk throw is preferred because you can mash insane damage out of that throw.

Note: You have to press a button after the “dash” connects or Zanglief will let go of the opponent.


Gief is good, but you’ve got to understand that the “Versus Series” games really put him at a disadvantage. Therefore…his value on point isn’t that great. Think of him as another Capcom (poor point character w/great assist). The best strategy of course is to start Zangief and find the safest way possible to turn Mech and then switch out. Iron Lariat assist from what I’ve seen is one of the best in terms of air to ground defense. It’s a lot better when you’re playing against a Magneto or Storm becasue it creates a sort of wall that stops them in their tracks. The key to defeating Magneto is to limit his movement and to stay away from him. This is one of the things that Iron Lariat has over rushdown…it creates an obstacle to get over. The most well-known team featuring Gief that I know of is Gief/Cable/Sent (switching out Gief eventually of course). Another team that that I’ve seen is SS/Storm/Gief. Even if Gief doesn’t turn Mech, his ground type is still a formidable assist. However, when turned metal he cannot be snuffed by the likes of Cyke and Psy AAA due to the assist’s hyper armor properties. It’s just a pain in the ass to start Gief, turn Mech, and to switch out much like trying to activate the Juggernaut glitch. I think everyone in MVC2 with the expection of Roll has some sort of purpose. Some characters serve better on point, others as assists, and some as both.


I use Gief with the air throw assist…

It’s unblockable, it resets damage in combos, and it’s untechable.

example… Magneto with Gief AAA assist,,xx,/ , air dash d/f, OTG, \ /,,xx, / ,, air dash d/f,,, \ /, call gief, (two hits), (Gief grabs them), dash forward and OTG, into whatever for another combo… another combo with no damage scaling at the start, depsite it being guaranteed.

There is also stuff like with Sent…, / ,,xx,fly, lk+Gief,hp,xx,unfly (gief grabs them), \ /, qcf+lp (they land on the rocket punch),xx,hsf…

Cable…,c.hp+Gief (one hit, no shot),xx, tiger knee grenade or blue beam, AHVB… lotsa damage for a single AHVB… and you can still link more.

Basically, with almost any character, you can combo into that assist and follow up with another full damage combo. And this way, there’s no need to turn him mecha (it’s worse actually since he doesn’t fly as far). It’s basically for sucking all the damage that you can out of a single combo for guaranteed reset.

Also it’s useful in flying over the opponent to keep them close to you.
ie: I believe Sent can,s.lp,xx,qcf+lp,xx,qcf+kk… now since Gief was on the other side (I’m talking about midscreen here) they couldn’t be pushed back as far. This should allow you to dash and for the launch and air combo. Also,since Gief didn’t hit, your assist hasn’t been used for the combo and you can still perform a fast fly combo with another assister (Magneto for me, or the gief reset form there… my Gief team is usually Mag/Sent/Gief).




Every Play Xmen vs Street Fighter?.. if you were smart you would know Geif is top tier. There he has a infinite, and since it invlove a special move, it always resersts. And its hella easy to perform. Plus i have great tactics playing him. Id challenge anyone with geif in that game.

Just proving the pint that there is a “Versus Series” game, that geif is godly.


why do u gotta hate on da geif man
geif is god
takes moment to pray to gief to save mojo

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As Giefs, we’re obligated to SMASH THE SHIT OUT OF CRAP! and we want YOU!

Besides, Zangief has a huge sex appeal, he could have any character he wanted in Alpha 3. Chun-li, Sakura, Rose, Dan, Bi…ummm… DO YOU WANT ME TO PROVE THIS???


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