As an E. Ryu main i've found myself absolutely hooked on doing focuses as pokes and i'm losing

so i disabled the MP button on the menu and i’ve been playing about two days and a half sans MP

and i’ve absolutely developed better footsies and spacing with the character, as well as i block a SHITLOAD more.

try it out. e. ryu doesn’t need mp for anything important if you really get down to his essentials. remember his cr. mp is shorter than ryus.

Nice blog.

Wtf. You can’t be serious. E Ryu pretty much revolves around his ability to FADC.

Guys, I think I just got trollbaited. :frowning:

what about FADC and doing the 1 frame link max punish?

I mean, learning fundamentals is more important and im glad you took the initiative to get out of bad habits, but evil ryu needs the MP button pretty bad.