As far as story telling goes in Fighting Games, which one do you like best?



Still, I got to hand it, Rival Schools -> Project Justice has the best way of story telling as far as fighting games are concerned. It was simple, concrete, and despite having anime tendencies, it uses the HOT HEADED AMAZING SHOUNEN PLOT OF THE 80’S, which is definitely a lot better than most story telling fighting games that I have played (coughGG/BBcough).

I dunno - the simplicity of the story was well done, yet the characters are developed as they progressed, not having superfluous traits that make you want to punch someone.

That, and it evokes 80’s anime - something I miss nowadays.


Tech Romancer. so many super robot stories crammed into one game, it was perfect!


Hmm, maybe King of Fighters. I’m fairly new to the series, but I’ve found myself very interested in reading up the basics of the past story and characters. That could also be because I think SNK has fantastic character design.

Virtua Fighter has got to be up there though, when one characters motivation for every tournament ever is ‘Win money to buy a better fishing boat’ you know it’s top quality.


In order:

  1. King Of Fighters
  2. BlazBlue
  3. Garou/Fatal Fury
  4. Guilty Gear
  5. Soul Calibur
  6. 2D Mortal Kombat
  7. Street Fighter
  8. Tekken

Hmm… can’t think of any other storyline that got me interested, Killer Instinct could be in there, but they didn’t advance much in KI2, we need 3. Now Mortal Kombat was good until they went 3D.

But yeah, KOF storyline is the most intriguing for me, I always look forward to the story in KOF games, it was a disappointment for me to know that KOF12 didn’t have any, but the sole appearance of Mature makes me more curious now.

BlazBlue did a great job with the story, specially with that little detail that you need to check.

Ending Theory


For what I understood, all the endings are true and do happen, since BB takes place in a endless LOOP in which it finally breaks in the TRUE ENDING. You can notice those things by the dates when you see each ending and before going to battle.

And I must say if it’s true, then that is one of the best ways to tackle multiple endings in a fighting game so far.


I thought Blazblue tried very hard to make it’s story both detailed yet engaging, so that one gets points from me. Other than that, I can’t really think of any others that really grabbed me. I think the biggest factor lies in character interaction and relationships.



or Ballz.


Samurai Shodown has a great storyline with a ton of tie-ins to actual historical events/characters/religion plus has a ton of playable characters and ton of fps.
And not much fighting games gained secondary games that allowed you to travel game’s universe and explore it (RPG and the likes), and Samurai Shodown is one of those


The one where I troll China on GGPO in KoF 98 room 1.


Shaq Fu


Blazblue has probably the most engaging (and slightly confusing) story of any fighting game I’ve played. It made playing the story (and arcade mode) a lot more interesting to play.

I also like DOA’s story with the ninja and doatec.


Gotta give props to BlazBlue for trying the visual novel route with it’s story mode.

That said, there’s something about Mortal Kombat milking all the cheesy late 70’s/80’s western martial arts movie tropes.


Yeah, KOF plot is great if you read an FAQ on it. It’s not presented that well ingame imo.

Guilty Gear has a nice setting, odd plot and characters, but playing arcade and seeing the actual endings never interested me somehow.

But yes, Rival Schools is good in that aspect.

Mortal Kombat is pretty hilarious… Isn’t Ermacs ending in MK3 essentially something like: “Nobody knew who he was or where he came from, and now he won the tournament”? :rofl:


Tekken when non-Mishima characters matter beyond their debut. Nevermind.


When Balrog punched an elephant.


arcana heart when heart fights with love.


Eternal Champions or Last Bronx I think


Evil Zone.

“Ihadulca was a being…”


Same goes for me.


You beat me to it lol

Only fighting game story I ever got into is Street Fighter really, just because I’ve always thought Akuma was cool.

Even though I’ve been playing fighting games since I had a SNES I’ve not played many series; Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Soul Calibur, Tekken. Most of the stories suck except there’s maybe a few characters from each series who are cool, but as a whole fighting games stories suck balls :lol:


SNK has always been great on games’ entertainment values, another one I would say is Last Blade series, the presentation, music and cutscenes is just cinematic quality.