As thread creator, lost ability to edit thread title

I have a trading outlet thread, but the ability to edit the title of the thread has changed. I listed in the thread title that everything is going for $40 on clearance, but now that I have sold everything, I want to remove the $40 clearance part.
This is the forum in question.

In the future I may make individual cases with the same specifications, but since they will be tailor made they won’t be going for $40.
I may just have to copy the old thread and start a new one if this isn’t resolved.

Whew, I thought I was the only one. My thread’s here: WTS Arcade Parts and Games - WTB HRAP or TE shell

I’ve added items, so naturally, I’d like to change the title.

Perhaps a thread created date issue?

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too. My sale thread still says I’ll be modding at MWC, which was at the end of June. I’d like to be able to edit my thread titles again to reflect sales and places where I’ll be modding.

Yeah, somebody changed the title of the Guile video thread and now it sucks, can’t change it back now

Yeah someone changed the title of my thread in the Yang forum. What the hell?

Came to ask about this as well. I wanted to change the title of one of the threads I made but can’t seem to do it…

I was told by a reputable source that the ability to do this will be regained shortly after EVO via a new plugin.


:eek: Whenever that fix comes, I will definitely be using it, hahaha.

:angel: You probably lost control of the thread because you’ve had an evil thought. Only pure beings can truly control the power of threads.

So what is the status for the plugin? I have threads with titles that need editing.

  • Rotendo

Ive fixed this. Please try it out.

Works great; thanks so much!

:eek: Thanks for fixing this.

Thank you.

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