Ascension X 2.5D fighting game in development

I thought it was time to share a fighting game I have been developing in my spare time. I’ve always dreamed of creating my own fighting game Genre ever since I played MK2. We will be finishing our demo by October and placing it on kickstarter. Here is some concept art and links to our Facebook and twitter page. I’ll take a second and share our basic idea. It i in the future and a failed experiment has caused the forest to grow out of control causing a global climate shift. forward a hundred years and most of the earth is covered in a forest, there are even trees that grow over the oceans. Now their are creatures that live inside the forest, and they are now the dominate species on earth. what was left of humanity now resides in 1 heavily fortified city. The two are at the brink or war, but instead they opted to send their 5 strongest to go to a sacred place and fight to the death. Our game takes place in that tournament. ( story much more in depth than that.)

here is our facebook page


we have code written, concept art, story, music, and working on 3D graphics now.

The Concept Art are really nice, but how does it play?

It’s something like Soul Calibur?

Here’s a stage track for the game. What’s worrying is at the end of this video it lists it being released early in 2014 for the OUYA. Unfortunately no other platforms are mentioned. I hope this was just an oversight.

Actually the victim of copy and past. That is from an old pan. Right now we are making a pc demo. Which will have our core gameplay and a few of the characters. It’s set for October we will then place it on kickstarter to raise funds to complete it. We will then target our consoles. Right now we want a version for Xbox one, and PS4. with a graphics light version for ouya and gamestick. However right now I’m paying for development out of my pocket and have limited resources so making PC demo.

They already said 2.5D, so no it’s most likely not like Soul Calibur.

no think Killer instinct or mortal kombat 9

Those are two really different games

Hope it plays like Samurai Shodown or Weapon Lord.

now this is where the thread belongs. nice game btw

Wow, impressed by the artwork, can’t wait to see how the game plays.

wow thanks everyone for the kind words, I’ll be sure to post some of our updates.

This is looking mighty nice, mate. Keep us posted!

FGD mods help him out. The title of the thread is advertising a “figthing” which is maybe its own thing and not a fighting game!

Anyway how different are the competitors and how close do you imagine you can get to the concept arts with your in-game art and renders?

Trial and error in that can be avoided if you plan ahead to keep a particular style or theme between everyone and don’t intend to make the first guy as close as possible down to every detail if its not needed and realize it took a ton of time that you now have to do on the next character, then all the others. That might be something good to keep in mind on the workload, or let us know more about how that’s going to go.

Ok first sorry for the spelling error, I have a habit of typing really fast. i agree I took an insane amount of time on the first character that is almost complete.

What’s coming next? Will you show us this character in action or another character model? Is it a weapon based fighting game?

I’d love to hear about the actual fighting system. Me and my guys are on a 2.5D fighter ourselves. Good luck!

ok the reason the game is called ascension is because everyone is trying to reach the next level of power. So every character has two distinct modes. there normal mode, then an ascended power mode ( limited use) The character shown is called Aker a weapons master, once his super meter is full he can ascend his sword and shield to full power. In full power he can use the lions roar, a sound based attack.

so we have 3 types of characters
weapons master who can increase their weapon power.
summoner who can summon creature to fight for them. ( a girl who can summon a giant swordsmen)
and the forest which are warriors who can turn into animal fighters. ( such as our character Lycan who can turn into a3 headed werewolf)

Are you comfortable sharing control and gameplay details? I’m a big fan of transforming during battles and taking it up to another level. Super Sayijin, Morphing Time, Devil Trigger, name it I love it. It’s auto-hype for me. We have a concept for a future 2.5D fighter that is heavily inspired by Super Sentai (since we don’t want Saban knocking at our door with a C&D, but yeah… it’s basically a long running kid’s show adapted into a fighting game lol). In this fighter transformations are important parts of the gameplay.

A problem I identified while designing the core system was the nature of escalation and how most people would expect to finish a fight in their powered up modes. However, the obvious balancing would have these modes limited. It may not be terribly satisfying to ‘burn out’ your allotted time without accomplishing anything. Reference wasted X-factor, or the infamous Pandora system. However, when you look at several types of super-modes in MvC3 like Devil Trigger and Ryu’s Power of Nothingness (or whatever), these modes have added abilities aside from ‘stronger’/‘faster’. A game built around this would be very cool in my eyes, which makes me very interested in Blazeblue’s new Drive system.

How do you implement your transformations in the game? I don’t expect you to just divulge every detail as you’re still marketing a game to a degree and surprises are fun (not to mention you may not have finalized your core system). I’m just curious about how you’d handle something I’m similarly interested in for future projects.

If you guys want i can post pieces of my GDD to show what characters we have planned and a few ideas of gameplay. I even have interface sketches,and team member bios.

No it’s fine, I’m a big fighting and anime fan so i thought long and hard about transformations. we rely heavily on meters. Once you transform the more you block and take damage you will get knocked out of ascension. Also if you spam moves you get punished by dealing damage to yourself. In the story of our game certain people have power and it’s up to them to control ti, but if they over use it than it will destroy their soul. For example weapons master weapons will drain you of health and self detonate if overused in our story.