ASCII Arcade Stick

I looked through a few pages, and couldn’t find a thread on ASCII sticks.

I use pads for Guilty Gear and I’m starting to realize that my game will probably enhance with a stick. I was looking at HRAP2s and they seem very sexy. However the price makes me want to cut my wrists.

Aside from the Tekken 5 controller, this ASCII Arcade Stick is a little more in my range. Has anyone any experience on this stick? How is it overall?

im gonna assume that it is a piece of crap. how much is the t5 on there?

i thougth you meant these:

ASCII made them for ps2 themed on SVC:Chaos and guilty gear XX and for DC themed on CVS2

paik is a big fan of these.

It looks it, especially the stick but I’m a little low on cash. I’ve found T5’s for like $50 or $60. But I just wanted to compare people’s experiences (if there were any) with this controller before I decided to buy the T5. But I guess I already have an answer.

I dunno where my friends got their HRAP2s, but they told me they got it for $80. They must’ve bought them when they were plentiful because they’re like $130-$150 now.

seriously, save you money and get the hrap or customs. it’s worth the price. getting anything else is a waste of money.

I have this stick. It’s… OK. It’s not a piece of crap but the best I can say about it is, “mediocre.”

The stick mechanism itself works perfectly but if you’re familiar playing games on Japanese-style arcade cabinets at all, this stick will definitely feel like a toy. The ball on the stick is also smaller than what you would find on the Tekken 5 stick. The “throw” on the stick is very small, so the stick is better suited to play 2D action platformers or airplane/spaceship shooters.

The bad part about the stick is the buttons. The buttons are all rubber contacts on a PCB. This by itself wouldn’t be a bad thing as long as the stick was taken care of over time. It’s probably 10+ years old by now. The store claims the one it’s selling is new, which suggests it hasn’t been weathering various storms of lengthened play. I would recommend cleaning the rubber contacts anyway at the first sign of any sticking. (I bought mine used, so it required a lot of cleaning.)

Another issue with the buttons is the placement. The buttons themselves are small and arranged at slightly different angles compared to more “serious” sticks. If this is the only stick you’ll ever use, then no problem. If you see yourself using multiple sticks, then the button arrangement and spacing might be issues. Of course, depending on your personal preferences, the button arrangement might be more favorable to you compared to other sticks but you won’t know that until you see for yourself.

The good features include a slow motion feature and turbo/rapid fire. You can also adjust the rate of the rapid fire. This feature is handy if you’re playing old games and want to slow the game down or playing an airplane/spaceship shooting game which doesn’t have auto rapid fire. As an example, if you’re playing PS1 R-types and can’t avoid the sea of bullets at normal speed, the slow motion feature will help you clear stages.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a mediocre stick. It’s only great under certain specific circumstances. If your intent is to play old action or shooting games, then this stick is perfect. The small “throw” on the stick will also allow you to accurately navigate between enemies and their attacks. Such games don’t require you to accurately locate and press tons of buttons either, so the button arrangement won’t be an issue. However, if your intent is to play Guilty Gear on any serious level, I can’t recommend this stick. Even if you were to overcome the potential issues of using this stick and become a formidable top-tier Guilty Gear player, joysticks with autofire and/or slow motion are banned at most tournaments.

Save your money. Get a HRAP or a custom. You get what you pay for.

Why does it say “Air Ranger Rescue Helicopter?” :rofl:


shit i better get a refund if my stick doesnt fly >:3

I have one of these because I won it in a large auction with other sticks. If you’d really like one, I’ll send you the one I have. Just pay for shipping and paypal fees.


Hey thanks guys for the input so far. I’ve been looking everywhere to see if any HRAP2s are available, and they really are out of stock. I wonder if that stick is out of print or if the demand is just too damn high. It’s actually irritating that no one has an HRAP2.

A friend of mine uses a T5 stick for Guilty Gear and he seems pretty fit with it. I know $100+ are the sticks to go with, but you can’t really get them if they’re never in stock. And custom sticks are out of my league because those guys are always charing them $300+.

customs and modded under 300 for sale.

Check ebay for HRAP2s. There are almost always a few new ones for sale.

Do not get it. It is a waste of the money you will pay for it; you’ll try it out for the novelty and then switch back to your pad. You’re way better off saving that money and putting it towards an eventual T5 or HRAP2 or anything else.

If you’re still interested in that particular stick–solely from the collector’s point of view–you can usually snag them for much cheaper on eBay.

They are ok but yeah they are like toy versions of a HRAP. I had 4 of them (bought for $20 total) and gave 2 away, hacked the PCB of another, and kept one for when I didn’t feel like lugging one of my big boy sticks around (assuming the people I was going to play weren’t very good).

Oh I remember that stick. I bought one before when I couldn’t find anything else for sale. I agree with tl613 that they feel like a “toy” especially when compared with a HRAP.

If I recall correctly, the stick had a shortish throw and had a very clicky feel. It was ok actually, but the stick itself felt a little small and fragile. I can’t remember my impression on the buttons.

I threw mine away after it broke, but I should have at least kept the case and attempted to mod it. I think it was quite thin to mod though.

speakign of ASCII’s how much would one of you guys charge me for modding one ASCII for DC for sanwa parts? I don’t know if it’s ok to ask in this thread or not…

hope you guys can help me out

paik i know you’re busy, and you’d be my first point of contact, but i don’t know if you are still busy as hell…

I dug up one of those ascii sticks I had forgotten I had. It might be cool to mod if only for a travel stick. The problem is the case is too thin.

It would be nice to get one of these again for my PC. I miss my old one. Wish that DC converter didn’t fucked up the plug.

But now I’m starting to like my PS2 Fighting Stick better. Only thing that works with analog only stuff (Megaman Collection [mainly use it for the 2 Megaman arcade games], Sega Classic Collection).

Seriously, that ASCII stick you linked there is garbage. It’s DEFINITELY NOT worth $35. It’s OK if you paid $5 for it… maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe $10, but generally, save up the extra money for at least the tekken 5 stick at the bare minimum.

Basically I’m repeating points already mentioned here.