Ascii fighter stick v (ps1)

Good afternoon, I am Keisar and this is my first post. I have read the rules and “read before post section” and I hope I do not break any rules. If I do, please forgive my ignorance.

Here we go. I have been searching all over the internet to see if anyone has attempted or knew anything about modding this stick.

I was unable to find any information regarding this so I decided to post in this forum to see if anyone here knows something. I really like this stick. The performance of it is not so good though so I want to see if I can improve it.

I want to put a SANWA stick on it. I really do not mind the buttons, but when I opened this sucker up I noticed there could be problems.

Any feedback would be very helpful, thank you.

That is an…interesting (?!?) design. Especially the PCB. Any chance for a photo of the inside with the stock stick removed so we can see what the screw wholes look like and how they’re positioned? Hell, maybe take the whole thing apart as there’s a good chance you’re going to need to figure out where to solder the wiring harness.

Sure thing, thanks for the quick reply. I will post more pics up soon.

Alright, so I took apart the whole thing and I accidentally disconnected one of the soldered cables on the joystick and I can’t use it until I do so. :frowning:

Here are all the pics

I am sorry about the quality, I am taking the pics on my phone

I used to have that stick and it is too small to fit in a sanwa joystick. If I recall correctly it is 1 1/4 in deep at it’s shallowest and at the very least the JLF needs 1 5/8 in to be mounted in.

You are better off getting a tekken 5 or something off the trading outlet than to mod that thing.


Ok, so the width is an issue. Does anyone know of any arcade stick that might actually fit? Or a way to resolve this issue?

JLF is going to be the most compact stick you’re going to find. Semitsu LS-32 is going to be just as big, if not a bit bigger, and fitting a HAPP/iL stick in there wouldn’t be posible either (they’re much deeper than japanese parts)

Heavily modded JLF or LS-40. Most likely ending with you having to cut the shaft. Other then that, you could put in the stick from a Namco.

LS-33 is the most compact stick
Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts


Thank you for all your feed back. The LS-33 seems to be my best bet. It looks like I would be able to fit it. It even has an octagon gate. However, looks can be deceiving. Anyone know the measurements?

The picture kind of sucks but here are the measurements: iBrowser Popup

Also this actually works out OK for you as the LS-33 is one of the few sticks out there whose default is open microswtiches as opposed to microswitches soldered onto a PCB. This means that it would probably just be easier to solder quick disconnects onto the existing wires.

This is my first time attempting something like this. Please bear with me.

The measurement of the base of the stock stick is 15/16 of an inch (2.1 metric). Can you please clarify the measurements on the picture.

How would I go about mounting the stick. The PCB looks like it might get in the way.
Any tips if I were to replace the PCB?

Is there anything I can do to improve the existing stick? Like replacing the wires, solder, and spring?

sigh I hate to ask for more photos but an exploded view of the stock stick would confirm is two of the key components (the spring and the microswitches) could be feasibly replaced with better quality parts. I wouldn’t think there’s anything that can be done about the pivot.

That said if you replace the PCB with a smaller one (like one out of a controller) then the size of the LS-33 mounting plate becomes less of an issue.

I will dismantle the stock stick. Heck, one of the wires is already disconnected.

I will post more pictures as soon as possible.

Do you have any controller PCBs in mind?

I was thinking of one of those mini ps2 controllers. The smaller the PCB the better, right? I have adapters so that a ps2 controller can work on 360/ps3.

Success! I was able to dismantle the stick. Here are the pics!



MICRO SWITCHES (The manufacturer is called “Zippy” lol)


I de-soldered the wires off to save some length. I bought some quick disconnects as well for them.

You need to make sure whatever PCB you get is suitable for modification.

Joystick Controller - PCB and Wiring is a good guide. You don’t want to end up with a PCB that is not common ground.

Thanks for the link! This information will help me a lot. So what is the verdict from the pictures? Should I give the LS-33 a shot? Or can I replace the parts inside the stock stick?

You guys think I can use these from lizard lick?

Try replacing the parts in the stick first before totally swapping in a new one.

I am having a hard time finding micro switches. Most switches do not come with a short lever. They are either long or do not come with one at all.

Here are some Omron and Saia switches I found

Joystickschalter, lang, Omron -

Joystickschalter, kurz, Saia -

The Saia in theory would fit perfectly. However, Omron is superior. The Omron switch has a long lever. Would I be able to cut it? If I am able to cut it. What could I use? (please post a picture along with the tool you suggest)

I was thinking of just ordering the LS-33 and use the parts in it but I am not sure what micro switches it comes with.

Another thing. The stock micro switches are 2 terminals. Would the stick still function normally if I use 3 terminal micro switches (assuming i do not connect anything to the 3rd terminals.)

Then there is this one that charges a $20 dollar handling fee.