Ascii Optical Retrofit on JLF

Selling a complete optical retrofit on a JLF base. The optical joystick is clean and very quiet. No clicks from microswitches. Comes with custom detachable harness on the PCB: 4 pin for directions and 2 pin for power/ground. Includes custom yellow shaft cover and black ball top. $90 shipped.

Also selling a Hori Tekken Xbox case with the original joystick and buttons. NO main PCB included. $30 shipped.

Will post pictures when I can. E-mail if you have any questions.


Thanks James! I forgot. Includes yellow shaft cover and black knob. I can guarantee no other retrofit has connectors soldered on the pcb.

I would like to install one of these into a hori VLX. I like what you have done with the connectors soldered on the PCB. My question is would I be able to unplug to 5 colored wires from the connector and plug in the 5 colored wires from a JLF-H wireing harness? I would obviously have to remove the connector piece from the JLF-H wireing harness. I’m not sure where I would find VCC or tap power on a vlx though. Also, would I be able to reverse this mod 100%? It doesn’t sound like it would be easy to swap out sticks once this mod is done.

Yes you could find someone with a JLF wiring harness. and just splice it on. Also, you would need to tap a power source on your VLX. It’s not terribly difficult but if you want it done clean, then it may take a bit of planning on your part. Reversing the mod can be as easy and unplugging the two harnesses, but it depends on how you wire the power/ground. Otherwise head over to J&J for installations. ( I am no longer doing installations, only jdm714 is)

Will you do it for $65 shipped???

No, I will not be. Still up for sale. Keep it classy SRK.

$90 shipped.

Added Hori Tekken 6 Case (no PCB)