ASCII Stick FT2 - mod advice needed

Hi all, I’ve had an ASCII stick for a few years now since I played VF on ps2, compared to many of the other sticks, I really want to convert it over to my 360 using a wireless controllers pcb.

I opened up the ASCII stick and found that it’s got the buttons soldered to a large pcb and a 2nd smaller pcb with a strip of coloured cables connecting the two boards.
I’m at a loss at what to about the buttons being soldered down to the pcb cause I can’t lift it off the buttons.
The smaller pcb has the contacts for the start and select buttons of the joystick and an output for the ps2 cable. I’ll probabley change those buttons out for switches I can connect to the wireless pcb.

Does anyone have any experience modifying the Ascii sticks, or has managed to deal with a similar stick modification?

Hate to say this but there is a reason why arcade sticks are wired not wireless especially input lag issues.

Actually, you’re wrong. Our famous Toodles tested both x360 and PS3 wireless controllers and found they had no lag at all compared to wired.

Since you’ll never be using it on PS2 again, you could just, y’know… break the board & replace the buttons.

I own three of these kinds of sticks, the buttons are rather balls so I’d highly suggest replacing them completely. You could follow the traces on the PCB going from the buttons and scrap and solder to those. If I’m not mistaken you might have a jem on your hands. If you open up your stick and see there are six wires coming from the actual joystick portion, you’ve got an optical stick worth 100 easy, but if there are only 5 wires coming from it you’ve got yourself a standard budget stick.

^ no. only Sanwa Opticals, called “Flash” sticks, are worth 100 or more. The sticks in ASCII FTs are knockoffs that perform VERY WELL, but are knockoffs nonetheless.

they still cost a lot though…
if i remember last flash i saw for sale was around 200$ so yeah maybe 100 will do for the knockoff

btw Lasher dont break the pcb, just remove the soldered points take out the pcb and go on from there…

Hi all,

Sorry for my ludicrosly slow response. Troubles with my tinternet conn :frowning:
Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who posted a reply you’ve given me a lot of food for thought.

When I finally get a weekend to myself I’ll be doing the mod and shall post pics of progress.

Thanks again.

i actually have this stick as well, so this thread is very helpful, i also plan on changing the buttons on mine, does anyone know the button size for this stick?
i have the ASCII FT2 Original