Ascii stick with optical jp stick very rare

i got this DC stick off a friend and its suppsedly very rare it has a jp optical stick which is very smooth btw was wondering if anyone knows any background on this stick like if it can be modeed or if i could transfer it to a ps1 stick etc

from what ive read you can transfer it to a ps1 stick. you can put a sanwa square gate on it very easily, but i havent tried any of the spring mods… i tried the less throw mod with tape and it did not work at all. probably the optics.

There’s no reason you couldn’t move it to another case, it’s just a part after all. It’s most likely a clone of a Sanwa Flash (at the very least I haven’t heard of any other optical sticks made by ASCII), so do a search for that if you want to know more about it.

It takes a +5v line (just like a Perfect 360), and it’s almost identical to the Sanwa Flash. The quality and accuracy of the optic sensors are top-notch, but the spring is gummy on some of them. If yours feels like this, you can very easily swap it for a Sanwa JLF spring, which will completely solve the problem.

Here’s a thread about it…