Ascii Sticks...

The one for the dreamcast was so good and i believe that the stick was sanwa…

In sold it for money for a ps2

Now i want to get another but cant find them anywhere…

I would like to mod it if the stick if its not sanwa and mod it for xbox360 use.

so any of you know where theyre selling Ascii sticks (dreamcast version)

I don’t think it’s a real Sanwa, is it? Anyway, in July the Hori 360 stick is being re-released in America for $60.

If you can wait, I recommend buying that sucker and modding it with Sanwa parts… So much easier than hacking a 360 pad, and you’ll have full headset support too. :slight_smile:

The Ascii sticks used…well…Ascii sticks. A Sanwa can be put in there but it would require a lot of modding. These sticks aren’t sold anywhere any more. They come up on EBay once in a great while and go for around $60 last time I saw one.

Aw man…ireally liked that stick tooo. well lets hope this new stik has more than buttons

I assume you mean one of these shown here (black/yellow one in the front):

That DC ASCII Stick uses a Sanwa Flash clone with octagon restrictor. It is an amazing clone. ASCII has done similar JLF clones for their other sticks. I say this with no exaggeration that they are so close that I personally can’t tell the difference from just feel. Those who know me know that I’m a hardcore stick builder and parts mongrel so that says a lot. Hell I even wrote the damn Sanwa/Seimitsu FAQ on here.

I even went through the trouble of doing comparison shots of the ASCII optical stick and the Sanwa Flash here:

Check that sub-album and you will see comparison shots of the individual parts side by side.

As for trying to get one, you’ll be very lucky to get one. Especially the DC version (or any version with the optical unit). But the cases are almost identical for all the ASCII sticks they’ve made (probably around 10 or so different kinds for various systems). And they will easily cost you close to, if not more than $100 for a good conditioned used one with box. If you’re going to modify it anyway, I’d be willing to sell you a case with everything except the optical stick itself.

It’s pretty obvious from your post that either A) you’ve never owned one or B) you’ve never modified one even if you did. In the future please don’t answer without knowing.

Because they are near identical Sanwa clones, they drop into ASCII sticks without any modification to the case or top panel (aside from damaging the artwork to remove the hidden screws). The wiring is different since the ASCII sticks don’t use wire harnesses and connect directly to the PCB (for optical sticks) and directly to the microswitches (for non-optical sticks).

The buttons require that you grind away some tabs before buttons will fit in. That is probably the most difficult part of the mod, but in terms of difficulty it is much easier than say the T5 mod which I regard as an entry-level mod for beginners.


Thanks i have actally found one…

proably will get it late this june/early july

Well installing the parts seems bearable. And from what you say theyre is no need to change the stick…but i would like to modify it with a square sanwa gate. Also im going to be makig his stick for the 360 so i will proably need to change pcb to that of the wired 360 stick…but would have to add extra buttons if i want all of the buttons to function for 3rd strike…??? The button’s I plan to use to replace the old buttons are standard siemitsu’s.

if you could give any more tips that would be greatly apreciated.

Overall this seems like a tought mod it will proably take a person like me all summer…hehehe.

well i btter get studying to make this work again thanks.

I’m very impressed if they have them in stock.

You will need to add more buttons since Dreamcast only has 6 buttons and start. You will want at least start and the Xbox button and probably back in addition to 6 of the buttons for regular play.


Thanks fo th help…

Now to get started…

It’s much easier if you grab a T5 and mod it. Roomier case, easier to mod, lots of help on it. From my personal experience the plastic that holds the screws in palce break down over time. The T5 will be alot easier to squeeze in a sanwa and sanwa buttons.

but this has a sanwa flash clone! mmmmmmmm flash stick

Modding a T5 with JLF is definitely harder than modding one of these. But you’re right, the plastic area that the stick mounts too isn’t the best.


Could you take the Flash clone out of the Ascii stick, and then put into an HRAP 2? Or should I say, how easily could you do it, because I know you probably can.

Modding a T5 with a JLF is pretty easy compared to modding an agetec case to me (I’ve tried both). What makes a T5 harder than a Agetec Green Goblin?

I anything, DOA4 stick is the hardest to mod overall, with the space restrictions.

You can. You need to do some modifications and you need to tap the +5V to power it.

No one is talking about the Agetec…we’re talking about the ASCII. The T5 mod is easier than an Agetec mod, but it harder than ASCII sticks because they drop right in once you take off the top panel. Although the top panel does have a sticker meaning you’ll damage the top art.


Good stuff so rarely actually shows up on eBay that I never bother checking. This was a little bit of a surprise!

Eh, i wouldnt bother…im already highest bidder…i dont think you knwo how much im willing to pay for Although i really just want that optical stick since a flash is impossible to come by. I need it for my agetc mod…


I must’ve been tired or something. Just totally misread the post before that one or something. =\

Next time you make a thread make sure it has a more descriptive title. I’m getting tired of seeing threads with 1 or 2 words.